Costumed Caper: Spring, Day 14

First Round, Spring
Day 14 aka the Last Day from Liam’s perspective! (Week 2, Saturday)

Liam invites his good friend, Morgyn over. He’s happy for Liam and they further their friendship by revealing deep secrets with one another.
(A/N: Morgyn did this first and then Liam did the same without any guidance from me.)

Liam invites Morgyn to a chess match and apparently home advantage is the secret weapon because Liam wins his first game against Morgyn. No cheating needed by either side!

A little later …
Jade stops by and Liam gives her a key to his residence.

The two lovebirds enjoy showing off their newest dance moves with one another.

Liam and Jade can easily spend hours talking about anything and everything.

Liam gets a happy feeling in his heart each time she kisses him on his cheek and he in turn, impresses her with a suave kiss.

Jade leaves and Liam is invited to visit his buddy, Morgyn.

“Wow, your place looks grand all decorated for the holiday. I wish I had done something similar for when Jade stopped by!”

Morgyn challenges Liam to yet another chess match and is soon up to his old tricks again. LOL

These two are well on their way to becoming best friends!

Liam heads home when it’s time for Morgyn to go to work. Seeing the rain falling on his bit of green earth makes Liam smile.

So does seeing Vlad do a creepy little walk while carrying an umbrella. LOL
(A/N: Vlad went under the overhang, closed his umbrella and stood there for a moment before opening his umbrella and leaving. It was interesting to watch!)

Liam ends the days with a good book and some music. Life is good!

~~ ** ~~ THE END ~~ ** ~~

For those interested in adding Liam’s House to your game, it has been added to the Gallery! Download Link

Liam began with 3 traits plus a bonus one and ended with:

He started with no skills and look at him now!

All in all, I call this challenge round a success and look forward to seeing what happens during summer with our next costumed Sim!

Day 13 ~~ ** ~~ Summer, Day 1

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