Costumed Caper: Spring, Day 13

First Round, Spring
Day 13 Love Day (Week 2, Friday)

Liam tries a different area in San Myshuno … a park called Myshuno Meadows. This is like no park he’s ever seen!

The building seems to be a home that’s been converted for entertaining, specifically weddings and yet some of the artwork seems out of place with the romantic air they’ve tried to create so Liam does what he thinks is best … SWIPE

While waiting to swipe something else, Liam checks out the observatory and is amazed where mere moments later, things are fully decorated for the holiday. “Now that’s what I call magic!”

He goes back upstairs to swipe this interesting looking statue and quickly realizes that it’s worth less than he originally thought. A whole lot less!

Liam wasn’t planning on swiping this painting since he’s grabbed several similar ones before but didn’t want this last hurrah to be all for naught.

Hee hee hee
“Time to set in motion the plan I’ve been thinking of since the day I moved here!”
Hee hee hee

Liam uses his ill-gotten gains to build himself a lovely little cottage that reminds him of where he came from.

Plenty of room outside for entertaining a few friends or a special someone! Liam is sure they’ll admire his four leaf clover shaped pool filled with mineral water, perfect for soothing aching muscles after lifting heavy objects!

He looks forward to entertaining his first guest.

He can’t help but admire his design for the main room while making a garden salad. “One day I’ll make meals using fresh veg picked from my little garden.”

“O ho ho! A lovely lass is asking ME out!”
(A/N: There might have been a happy squeal on my end upon seeing this pop up message!)

Liam takes it as a fateful sign that she asked him to return to the very first place he ever visited!

With a fast-beating heart, Liam asks if they can exchange phone numbers and is more than pleased when she kisses the phone in response.

Liam decides to give Jade a tulip because he feels it’s a more unique gift than a rose. Jade in returns gifts him a rose with the accompanying message. “Oh my! Would you look at that!”
(A/N: Jade didn’t care for the tulip ~ both had a negative sign over their heads and when she in turn, gave him the rose … the same thing happened. Neither were highly happy with their flower! Oh dear, lol)

Not wanting to rush things and risk frightening off the lady, Liam invites her to play a few games of foosball with him.

Things are going well so Liam invites her back to his place.

Things continue going well and Liam decides it’s time to let Jade knows how he feels about her!

Their first kiss might have seemed awkward but she doesn’t hesitate when he asks her to be his girlfriend.

Shortly after that, Jade needs to go. Liam lays down and lets sweet dreams of the lovely Jade fill his head.
(A/N: Even though she asked him out, I didn’t realize that it was a workday for Jade so her time with Liam meant she missed a day of work. Oops!)

Katrina stops by and lets Liam know how happy she is for him.

It’s not long before Jade returns and Liam is pleased to see no signs of jealousy from his special lady because there’s no reason to be … his heart has been thoroughly swiped.

Apparently Jade feels the same way! She follows Liam outside and gives him a kiss after he plants the rose she gave him and then proceeds to stay by his side while he nurtures it.

What a surprise! Vlad stops by after an odd text message welcoming Liam to the neighborhood and appears to be willing to patch things between them.

The guys dance while the gals chat. What a perfect first day/night in his new home!

What Liam collected today:
Painting: Splatter content worth §1,200
Statue: Zaky the Concrete Donkey worth §150
Painting: Viva More of La Landscape worth §8,000
TOTAL §9,350
GRAND TOTAL before building his home §93,209

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