Costumed Caper: Spring, Day 12

First Round, Spring
Day 12 (Week 2, Thursday)

Liam is drawn to the bright lights of the city. Perhaps San Myshuno residents will be too busy with the hustle and bustle that living in a big city brings and might not notice this wee leprechaun checking things out. That is his hope anyway!

The Casbah Gallery in the Arts Quarter looks promising.

The first thing that catches his eye is this large 3-panel piece. SWIPE

Look who’s here! Angela Pleasant is once again wielding her paintbrush and Liam hopes her paintings have gone up in value since last time.

While he somewhat patiently waits, Liam heads over to the library hoping to do a little reading but finds it difficult with all the commotion in the bathroom.

Judith Ward is having a tantrum! Stomping her feet and looking very unhappy to find herself penned in by paparazzi. Liam is glad he’s flying under the radar because getting interrupted while in the bathroom would make anyone mad.

She seems a bit calmer as she exits the bathroom and calmly walks with her head held high but … the paparazzi have stopped following her and turned their attention to another celebrity, a calmer Brytani Cho who seems ready and willing to pose for pictures with a smile on her face.

Judith might want to watch out or her star will cease to shine as Brytani’s gains upward momentum!

Liam returns to the Gallery. Angela’s painting is done but he’s unable to do more than take a quick gander as another Sim has begun painting nearby.

He consoles himself with swiping a bust of Princess Cordelia. Liam isn’t sure who she is but is pleased with his decision to take this piece of artwork.

Liam returns to the painting studio and scraps the unfinished piece. “Tsk tsk leaving this behind means there is one less easel available to those wishing to paint.”

He is unable to estimate a value for Angela’s painting so decides to remove the large vase from its display. “This piece is larger than the others and throws everything off balance!”

Liam grabs a lump of clay from the next room and finds it to be a fun way to spend his waiting time.

A boy by the name of Garret Rosario joins him and seems happy to find someone to talk to. He tells Liam all he knows about Guppies which makes him feel as if he had caught one himself.

Liam is also quite pleased with how his clay sculpture turned out.

Angela’s painting is gone! Liam has no idea where it went since he was seated near the doors leading here and didn’t see Angela return.

The one painting is Lilith Pleasant. Liam figures they’re related and this might explain the disappearance of Angela’s painting. How disappointing.

This larger piece could be swiped if … it was accessible!

Liam returns to the first floor and sees two copies of the same painting on display. “Now that’s just not right!”, he mutters as he steps over and swipes the one farthest from the door.

If he’s being honest with himself, it was a bit of a thrill to SWIPE near the window where the Sim painting might have glanced inside at any moment and seen what he was doing.

Liam steps outside and watches the Sim for a few minutes before giving it a go himself.

cough cough
How do others keep the stuff from creating a chemical cloud that smacks you in the face?
cough cough

Liam puts the spray can down and peeks in the room with the easels. All contain a finished painting but there’s no way to swipe any of them at this time. He’s good but not that good.

He heads back downstairs and notices a large painting he somehow missed when entering the Gallery. Liam quickly remedies that situation. SWIPE

Liam goes back outside and as much as he’d like to remove the graffiti from the wall, it’s not finished. He opts to continue working on what he was doing earlier.

The other Sim is Holly Alto, a minor celebrity, who seems to hang around hoping she’ll be noticed by Liam or the handful of Sims right on the other side of the double doors.
(A/N: A few came outside and one of them, a child, did the fan freak out but Holly merely stood and posed for a few minutes before gliding away. No selfies or autographs appeared to be taken/given.)

The coast is clear! FINALLY!
Liam swipes the most valuable one in the room which was also painted by Lilith Pleasant after he scraps the one he saw her painting earlier that day. That felt pretty good, right Liam?!

Another night where it’s too late to stop and see Morgyn so Liam decides he should go and visit another friend.

Everybody is already asleep so Liam grabs a bowl of cereal before taking a much-needed kip in front of the warm fire.

What Liam collected today:
Painting: Bridges of Misshapen Paths worth §985
Statue: Princess Cordelia Royal Bust worth §1,400
Vase: Picturesque Vase worth §260
Painting: Street Art Prints – City Collection worth §280
Painting: Street Art Prints – City Collection worth §280
Painting: Figure Painting by Lilith Pleasant worth §345
TOTAL §3,550

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Credit: Irish slang pulled from HERE

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