Costumed Caper: Spring, Day 11

First Round, Spring
Day 11 (Week 2, Wednesday)

Liam decides to go somewhere he hasn’t been before ~ Magnolia Promenade. He’s hoping the businesses will contain hidden and perhaps not-so-hidden treasures.

Up first is Paddywack’s Emporium. The rain is a bit bothersome but maybe it will encourage Sims to go elsewhere today.

The statue near the front door is a pleasant surprise! Liam can’t do anything about that as the store employee, Afu Iosua, is playing chess and keeping an eye on things.

Liam heads inside. Most things can’t be swiped, just bought. Bummer. Their security system must be pretty good.

Or not as Liam had no trouble removing a set of prints off the wall.

He goes back outside and finds more employees plus paparazzi hanging around. Grabbing that statue is going to take patience and a bit of luck!

He sits at the table with the umbrella, wishing he had one of his own. It’s cold and wet but Liam is determined to make an attempt at sir statue before moving on.

Luck is with him! The two employees go inside and Liam quickly gets up from his chair and goes over to the statue. SWIPE

Knowing he has to wait 8 hours before he can swipe again, Liam visits the other two businesses and makes note of what can and can’t be taken.

He then decides to go visit his friend, Morgyn.
(A/N: In case you were wondering why Liam visits Morgyn as often as he does ~ Morgyn works nights so chances are good that he’ll be home during the day. Mortimer and Bella work during the day so it’s a strong possibility that there won’t be anyone home to let him in. Another thing that I like about sending Liam to Morgyn’s? Two beds. Morgyn lives alone so there isn’t a fight for beds in case they end up being tired at the same time!)

It’s no surprise to find Morgyn at the grill again, this time making veggie burgers.

Grilling must be tiring work (and doing it after a late shift working at the bar probably doesn’t help matters!) because Morgyn doesn’t make it upstairs this time. Liam puts the food in the fridge and quietly plays chess so he can keep an eye on his friend.

When Morgyn wakes, Liam makes a point of thanking him for his friendship and hospitality. It’s really helped Liam save money and be able to afford building a nicer home for himself.

They play chess and par for the course, Morgyn wins. Liam is determined to win one game against his friend but that will have to wait until another day.

It’s time to head back over to the stores along the promenade!

Next to Paddywack’s is JF&S Clothiers.

While there are quite a few nice pieces of art, Liam decides to relieve the store of one of its duplicate paintings.

The Roadstead might be a large store but Liam learned earlier that day that there is nothing to swipe there so doesn’t even glance in its direction as he goes about his own business.

He heads back to see his friend afterward.

Another game or two that Morgyn wins but Liam doesn’t mind because he’s made another good friend!

Liam can’t help but notice Morgyn’s striking jewelry pieces and asks him about their meaning. Morgyn smiles a secretive smile and says he’s more than earned them so keeps them around as a reminder of what was and what might be.

How mysterious! As much as he would like to know more, Liam knows further questions might upset his friend and risk getting him barred from the house so he wisely closes his mouth and returns his focus to the game.

Morgyn goes to work and Liam enjoys the amenities that are available to him.

What Liam collected today:
Artwork: Birds of a Feather print Set worth §255
Statue: Knight of the Octagon Table Suit of Armor worth §8,200
Painting: Land-Coral Garden worth §7,500
TOTAL §15,955

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4 thoughts on “Costumed Caper: Spring, Day 11

    1. I agree, swiping from stores is a bit more challenging! He’s done very well for himself but I wasn’t sure if he had enough so I had him swipe for a couple more days & then built his home. Thanks!! Looking forward to sharing it with y’all.

      In the future, I think I will build the home & save to library so I have an idea of how much funding the Klepto Sim will need. Liam had excess and I wish I hadn’t made him take as much as he did since it means even more re-stocking before the next round starts.

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