AFWE: House 02, Day 9

Monday (Week 2, Day 9)

Duane washes his plate. +1

Duane thinks shouting forbidden words while the others are sleeping is okay.
Wrong. -2

This isn’t Duane’s morning, is it? -4

He washes his glass. +1

Drat! Lorna was using the bathroom so the repair guy couldn’t do his job. Will have her call him again.

Duane cleans up the spoiled food. +2

Repairs cost §105. Today is a freebie day so no penalty, yay!

Duane washes Lorna’s oatmeal bowl. +1

Duane and Sammy head outside to meet Shayna Wilhelm.

Kash puts a few books away. +2

Bills have arrived & get paid.

Kash washes his oatmeal bowl. +1

Tabitha isn’t a perfectionist yet she fusses about the barely filled can.
Easy solution? YOU can take out the trash and earn the point, silly Sim!

Or perhaps she realized what was about to happen. -4

Kash mops the puddle. +1
Then takes out the trash. +1
He also puts his book away. +1

Repairs cost §105.

Lorna grills Tofu Dogs. +2
Tabitha washes her plate. +1

Kash does laps and reaches L2 in Fitness. +1
Tabitha watches TV and gains L5 in Cooking. +2

Lorna washes her plate. +1

The day is now sunny and cool. Perfect weather for a cat nap!

Now Tabitha is fighting off illness.

Kash takes out the trash. +1
He also calls for repair since the stereo is broken. No penalty assigned.

Kash puts a book away. +1
Duane washes his plate. +1

Duane plays Sims Forever and reaches L3 in Video Gaming. +1

Repairs cost §136.
Addy’s Note: Odd. He doesn’t show up so I was going to have Tabitha call when she gets home from work in case anything else breaks. Then I get the message that it’s fixed. Invisible? Tired of seeing this house on his list of jobs?

Lorna puts away two books. +2
She likes the new purchase! Lorna has the Genius trait.

Duane washes his plate. +1
Then cleans up the platter of spoiled food. +1

Hug time! Duane and Lorna get +4

It’s now midnight so we’ll stop here.
Duane & Lorna are having a deep conversation.
Kash is sleeping in the double bed.
Tabitha is sleeping in the single bed.
Sammy is using the litter box.

Skills Learned/Increased
Duane: Video Gaming
Kash: Fitness
Lorna: No skill gains
Tabitha: Cooking

Duane, Kash and Tabitha are tied! They are the Skill Stars of the Day!

Day 9 Tally
Kash: 73 points
Duane: 39 points
Lorna: 37 points
Tabitha: 32 points

Duane broke the sink.
Tabitha broke the fridge.
The stereo broke on its own.
Duane spoke out of turn.

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