AFWE: House 02, Day 8

Sunday (Week 2, Day 8)

Lorna washes her glass. +1
It must have made her thirsty for a good drink! She reads, gaining the Mixology skill. +1

Lorna then clears away the spoiled food. +2

Sammy follows Kash into the bathroom and is told that it’s not appreciated.

Kash reads, gaining the Programming skill. +1
He puts away both books. +2
Then takes out the trash. +1

Duane walks in on Lorna while she’s using the toilet.
Shame on you, Duane! -1

Kash washes his hands after taking out the trash and breaks the sink. -4

Kash mops up the mess he made. +1
He reads, gaining the Guitar skill. +1
Then puts the book away. +1

Lorna swims laps, reaching L2 in Fitness. +1

Repairs cost §105. All are docked -3

Kash grills Hot dogs. +2
Sammy approves of this!

Sammy doesn’t like what happens next!

Kash cleans up after both of them. +2
Then he cleans the tub. +1

All that grime makes him tense so Kash spouts a few dirty words of his own! -2

The sun came out so Sammy enjoyed the warmth on his fur while he played.

Tabitha ate and cleaned up after herself. +1

Somebody is all tuckered out.

Kash cleans the bathroom sink. +1
He grabs a drink and washes his glass when done. +1

Kash reads, gaining the Writing skill. +1
Then he puts the book away. +1

Kash has the Loner trait so he gets tense when a stranger visits which makes him react in a more unfriendly manner. -2

Tabitha put away a book. +1
Kash gets rid of the spoiled food and also does dishes. +3
He then puts away a book. +1

Duane grills veggie burgers. +2
He reaches L3 in Cooking. +1

A hungry, stinky, tired Lorna goes back outside to talk to a Sim but didn’t catch up to him before … -10

Tabitha is compelled to try to talk to that Sim herself. Alika Kahananui seems okay.

Oh my goodness! JOSEPHINE (Free Will House 01) is walking past!

Duane washes his plate. +1

Oh dear. Kash is combating a cold.

A little rain won’t hurt anybody.

Lorna stays outside to talk to Paxton Yeager and is unable to make it to a bed in time. Another -10 for her today.

Kash is inspired to paint again.

Duane pampers Sammy. +5

Kash washes his plate. +1
Duane empties the trash. +1

The Mysterious Weather deliveres a thunderstorm!

Duane expresses his displeasure. -2

That was too close for comfort!

Kash thought it would distract everybody from noticing what he did. Nope. -4

Duane washes a plate. +1

Repairs cost §105. All are docked -3
Going to stop the day here before any more backwards motion happens.

Duane: tense from thunderstorm, stuffed-up (from illness)
Kash: tense from thunderstorm but free from cold
Lorna: tense from thunderstorm, tired (all beds are claimed)
Tabitha: tense from thunderstorm but no longer dizzy from illness

Skills Learned/Increased
Duane: Cooking
Kash: Guitar, Programming, Writing
Lorna: Fitness, Mixology
Tabitha: No skill gains

Kash is the Skill Star of the Day!

Day 8 Tally
Kash: 64 points
Tabitha: 33 points
Duane: 32 points
Lorna: 28 points

Kash breaks the sink and toilet.
Lorna falls asleep on the ground. Twice.
Both Duane and Kash speak out of turn today.

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