AFWE: House 02, Day 7

Saturday (Week 1, Day 7)

Duane eats Franks and Beans then washes his bowl. +1
Lorna reads a book and learns the Guitar skill. +1

Duane takes out the trash. +1

He became friends with Sammy! +2

Duane and Tabitha eat then she cleans up. +2

Tabitha relaxes in the hot tub before getting in the pool.

Look at Kash! Grinning because he broke the toilet and won’t get dinged for it.

… and he breaks the sink, too!

Duane clears away the spoiled food. +1

That’s one way to get a Sim’s attention, Duane! Stand IN the leaf pile so he has to stop playing and will chat with you.

Kash makes Mac and Cheese. +2

Repairs cost §105. Duane and Tabitha are docked -3

Kash is definitely taking advantage of his “Sim-munity” Day isn’t he?!

Kash washes his dish. +1
Tabitha puts two books away. +2

Lorna washes her cereal bowl. +1
She puts away the last book left on the table. +1

Lorna takes out the trash. +1
Kash cleans the toilet. +1

Lorna puts a book away. +1
Kash takes out a pet toy and a few minutes later, Lorna puts it away. +1

Kash plays a game on his phone and reaches L2 in the skill. +1

Alex Moyer stops by and the first thing she does is scold Sammy.
Time to send this Sim home!

Lorna eats oatmeal and cleans her bowl. +1
Kash watches TV and reaches L3 in the Cooking skill. +1

Tabitha grills burger before she has to go to work. +2

Kash reads a book and gains the Piano skill. +1
He reads another book and learns the Acting skill. +1
He puts both books away. +2

Kash reads and gains the Herbalism skill. +1
He puts it away. +1

Duane washes his plate after eating a burger. +1
Lorna does the same. +1
She then cleans up after Kash. +1

Duane is at work.
Kash and Tabitha are sleeping.
Lorna is drinking water, trying to combat a cold.
Sammy is one with the bed! So cute!!

Skills Learned/Increased
Duane: No skill gains
Kash: Acting, Cooking, Herbalism, Piano, Video Gaming
Lorna: Guitar
Tabitha: No skill gains

Kash is the Skill Star of the Day!

Day 7 Tally
Kash: 61 points
Lorna: 49 points
Tabitha: 37 points
Duane: 30 points

Duane and Tabitha get -3 for repair service.
Kash breaks the toilet and sink plus walks in on Lorna while she’s bathing but is immune from penalty points.

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