AFWE: House 02, Day 6

Friday (Week 1, Day 6)
Holiday: Neighborhood Brawl Day (I removed the fight tradition because I didn’t want to watch elders do this!)

4:00 AM
Kash is sleeping in the double bed.
Lorna is napping on the ottoman.
Tabitha is sleeping in the single bed.

Sammy is sprawled on the carpet.

Duane gets home from work. He could use a bite to eat and a shower but overall is feeling fine.

Kash wakes and decides to grill burgers. +2
He reaches L2 in Cooking. +1

Lorna cleans up after herself and Kash. +2
Duane cleans his own plate. +1

It’s nice of everyone to not make too much noise so Duane can sleep undisturbed in the larger bedroom.

Kash puts away books before grabbing another to read. +3
Tabitha washes her plate. +1

Lorna puts away the book Kash was looking at. +1
Tabitha learns L4 while watching the Cooking Channel. +2

Kash puts away the book Lorna was looking at. +1
They thank each other with a hug. +4 to both

Kash sings about the holiday and learns the Singing skill. +1
Lorna learns the Comedy skill by reading a book. +1
She puts away a book but ignores the one she set down. +1
Kash lets her know that he’s got it. +1

Kash feels the urge to paint and carefully steps around his slumbering “model” when done.

Tabitha cleans up after Duane. +1
She also clears the platter of spoiled food. +1

Duane takes out the trash. +1
He then puts away three books. +3

Kash is inspired to paint and reaches L3 in the skill. +1

Lorna makes Faux BLT. +2

Kash isn’t sure what he thinks of his 2nd painting.

Duane plays Blicblock and reaches L2 in the skill. +1
Lorna washes her plate. +1

Duane coming in to clean the sink is a good idea but doing it while Lorna is bathing isn’t. -1

He patiently waits and then goes back n once she’s done. +1

Kash is in the mood for Franks and Beans. +2

He cleans the grill once he’s done. +4
Duane Washes Tabitha’s plate. +1

Kash cleans up after himself and Duane. +2
Duane cleans the kitchen sink. +1

Lorna reads and learns the Baking skill. +1
Duane puts away a book. +1

As midnight rolls around in game, Duane is eating another serving of Franks and Beans … Kash is sleeping in the double bed … Lorna and Tabitha are chatting … and last but certainly not least, Sammy is chilling in the main room.

Skills Learned/Increased
Duane: Video Gaming
Kash: Cooking, Painting, Singing
Lorna: Baking, Comedy
Tabitha: Cooking

Kash is the Skill Star of the Day!

Day 6 Tally
Kash: 49 points
Lorna: 40 points
Tabitha: 34 points
Duane: 27 points

The only negative point was earned by Duane when he walked in on Lorna.

Kash and Lorna are the top two for this week and gain the perks!!

Day 5 << Free Will >> Day 7

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