AFWE: House 02, Day 5

Thursday (Week 1, Day 5)

Kash sure likes oatmeal!

He washes his bowl. +1
Kash then heads outside to right the garbage can. +1
Not sure I agree with his choice of reading location though.

Tabitha grills burgers. +2

Guess who broke the toilet? -4

Thank goodness there’s no penalty for calling for repairs today!

Kash takes out the trash. +1
He also picks up the pile on the ground next to the can. +1

His reward? The excellent Ridgeport that Bob made.

Duane arrives home from work and feels fine. There’s a bit of a chill in the air so he’s going to turn up the thermostat.

He thinks Kash is crazy.

Kash enjoys his drink and washes the glass. +1
Tabitha washes her plate. +1

Youssef fixes the stereo and toilet for §110.

Kash glances at Crisis Barn before putting it away. +1
He steps outside to grab his other book and puts it away, too. +1
The bathroom puddle: 0 … Kash: +1

Kash briefly reads Gardening Vol 1 and learns the skill. +1
He puts the book away. +1

Kash cleans Duane’s plate. +1

Duane and Kash seem more interested in talking about the movie than in watching it.

Lorna peeks at the Gardening book before putting it away. +1
Kash learns the Charisma skill. +1

Sammy is very interested in Lorna’s glass of milk.

Lorna washes her glass. +1
Then hugs Kash. +4 to both of them.

Lorna learns the Charisma skill. +1

A very playful Lorna and a happy Kash head off to work.

Tabitha pauses watching cooking shows long enough to hug Sammy. +4

Then she brushes him. +1
Tabitha hugs Sammy again. +4

She gleans enough inspiration to reach L3 in Cooking. +1
Hard to be inspired when things stink! Tabitha clears the spoiled food away. +3

After taking a shower, she makes a Garden Salad. +2
Tabitha washes her bowl. +1

Duane grabs a glass of water and then washes it when done. +1
He fixes himself a Faux BLT. +2

A happy but tired Kash arrives home from work.

Duane washes his plate. +1

A happy Lorna walks in the door. Work was good for her too.

8:01 PM
Kash, Lorna and Sammy are taking naps.

Tabitha watches the Cooking Channel and chats with Duane as he heads off to work.

Lorna empties the trash. +1
She eats a bowl of oatmeal and cleans up after herself. +1

Lorna browses a book before putting it away. +1

It’s after midnight in game so another day comes to an end.

Skills Learned/Increased
Duane: No skills gained
Kash: Charisma, Gardening
Lorna: Charisma
Tabitha: Cooking

Kash is the Skill Star of the Day!

Day 5 Tally
Tabitha: 29 points
Kash: 27 points
Lorna: 27 points
Duane: 18 points

No penalties on calls for repairs.
Tabitha broke the toilet.

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