AFWE: House 02, Day 4

Wednesday (Week 1, Day 4)

12:17 AM
Duane is at work.
Kash makes Mac and Cheese. +2
Lorna sleeps in the single bed.
Tabitha naps in the hot tub.

Sammy is also sleeping. How cute is that?!

Kash washes his plate and Lorna’s, too. +2
He moves his feet to the beat and reaches L3 in the Dancing skill. +1

Sammy feels invisible.
He has food, a clean litter box and a few toys but … no cuddles.

Addy’s Note: This is hard to watch and not do anything! I won’t be surprised if Sammy runs away.

Kash briefly flips through Video Gaming Vol 1 before putting it away. +1

Duane returns home from work and feels fine, although he wouldn’t mind a bite to eat.

Kash puts away the other book he glanced at earlier. +1

Duane prepares Eggs and Toast. +2

Lorna is caught before she could leave the bathroom after breaking the sink. -4

Lorna calls for repairs before jumping on the computer and browsing Parenting Forums. She learns the Parenting skill. +1

Lorna washes Duane’s plate. +1

Repairs cost §105. All four are dinged -3

Lorna pampers Sammy. +5
Look at how happy Sammy is!

8:54 AM
Lorna makes Grilled Cheese. +2
Duane lets the music move him.
Kash reads Parenting Vol 1 and learns the skill. +1

Tabitha grills Hot Dogs. +2
She reaches L2 in the Cooking skill. +1

Unfortunately, duty calls before Lorna finishes cooking.

Kash is feeling happy and heads to work with a smile on his face.

Duane stops dancing to clean the toilet. +1
Tabitha finishes preparing the Grilled Cheese sandwich. +2

Kash has a choice: paint himself or cancel the photo shoot.

He opts to paint himself and fortunately, it works in his favor.

Tabitha washes her plate. +1
She also breaks the sink. -4

She shakes a leg and reaches L2 in the skill. +1
Her reward? Call for repairs, of course!

Youssef fixes the sink for §104. All four are dinged -3

Tabitha mops the kitchen. +1
She puts away the Parenting book. +1

Tabitha grabs a drink of water and then washes her glass. +1
She pets Sammy and they become FRIENDS! +2

A happy Tabitha passes a tired Kash as she goes to work.

An hour later, Lorna arrives home. She’s happy but wouldn’t mind a bite to eat.

Duane eats dinner and washes his plate. +1
He then breaks the stereo. -4

Addy’s Note: Will leave this be for a bit and see if they do other things.

Bob comes over and once again, takes out his frustrations on the garbage can.
The contestants will ban him from future visits!

Duane cleans up after Lorna and takes care of the spoiled food platter before heading to work. +2

He’s happy to leave Lorna to deal with Bob since she let him come over.

Tabitha gets home from work and this is what she finds.
That’s quite gross, Bob! Go home. NOW!!

Tabitha takes a nap so time flies and Bob heads on his way.
Kash and Lorna are already sleeping as is Sammy.

It’s after midnight so we’ll stop here for the day.

Skills Learned/Increased
Duane: No skill gains
Kash: Dancing, Parenting
Lorna: Parenting
Tabitha: Cooking, Dancing

Kash and Tabitha are tied. Both are the Skill Stars of the Day!

Day 4 Tally
Lorna: 17 points
Duane: 14 points
Tabitha: 14 points
Kash: 11 points

All were given -3 when the bathroom sink was repaired.
All were given -3 when the kitchen sink was repaired.
Lorna broke the bathroom sink.
Tabitha broke the kitchen sink.
Duane broke the stereo.

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