AFWE: House 02, Day 3

Tuesday (Week 1, Day 3)

Weather Forecast: Mysterious Weather

An uncomfortable Sammy watches Kash do Sit Ups.

Kash flips through Guitar Vol 2 but puts it away after a few minutes. +1

Tabitha grabs the lone tofu dog, hoping it’s still good.

She washes her plate. +1

Duane, the glutton in the group, isn’t fond of spoiled food but would rather go for convenience instead of making something fresh.

Kash puts away the cat toy. +1
Duane cleans the platter plus his plate. +2

Kash takes out the trash. +1
Duane glances at Rocket Science Vol 3 before putting it away. +1

Addy’s Note: I pulled Volume 2 & 3 skill books from the bookshelf. These came with the house and I didn’t notice until just now, lol

Duane and Tabitha watch a cooking show to get ideas but … Kash put ideas into motion all on his own. +2

The mysterious weather dropped a thunderstorm.

Kash closes the grill and runs inside.

Tension from the weather causes Lorna to drop a few words. -2

Tabitha chats with Lorna while she sways to the beat and Kash eats a veggie burger before leaving for work.

A tense Kash leaves for work. Hopefully, he’ll make it to the bathroom before starting his shift.

Tabitha washes both plates (hers and Kash’s). +2
Lorna washes her plate. +1

Kash notices a bad reference image and has to decide whether he’ll adjust the layout or replace the image with one of his own.

He decides to play it safe and adjust the layout.

Lorna briefly glances at Video Gaming Vol 1 before putting it away. +1

Neither rain nor thunderstorms will stop Tabitha from napping in the hot tub.

Lorna considers chatting with another Sim on the computer, then briefly peeks at Wellness Vol 1 before putting it away. +1

Because the urge to dance is overriding anything else she might consider doing!

Lorna sways and reaches L3 in the Dancing skill. +1
She pets Sammy and they become FRIENDS! +2

Lorna starts reading Gourmet Cooking Vol 1 and learns the skill. +1

Addy’s Note: I didn’t know this would happen. My experience with Gourmet Cooking is that the skill unlocks when a Sim’s Cooking skill reaches Level 5 (Lorna is L1).

The mystery is solved!

Bob Pancakes is the Sim who dropped trash on the ground. He went over to their can, rummaged around for a bit and then got a bit heated because he didn’t find anything he liked.

Duane washes his lunch plate. +1

An uncomfortable Kash arrives home from work. He is exhausted (pass out in 0 minutes) and tense from being outside during a thunderstorm.

A tense Tabitha heads to work. Hopefully, she makes it to the bathroom before starting work and will be somewhere where there’s no thunderstorm.

Lorna reads Flower Arranging Vol 1 and learns the skill. +1

Poor Sammy! He just wants a little attention and neither of these Sims will give him any.

Duane cleans the sink. +1
Lorna clears away the spoiled food. +1

Duane puts away the book Lorna was reading. +1
Lorna takes out the trash. +1
She even picks up the mess Bob left behind. +1

The sudden appearance of sunny weather bothers Duane more than Lorna thinks it should.

Two empty beds and yet Kash can’t make it to either of them. -10

Duane watches TV with Bob and reaches L2 in the Cooking skill. +1

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Bob is getting it even after Duane explains what the show host is saying.

A happy Duane goes to work.

Lorna cooks Mac and Cheese. +2
She reaches L2 in the skill by doing so. +1

Sammy finds his own amusement since the others are too busy for him today.

A tired Tabitha arrives home from work.

Kash is sleeping in the double bed and Lorna has the single one so Tabitha grabs a nap in her favorite spot.

It’s just after midnight in game so we’ll stop here for the day.

Skills Learned/Increased
Duane: Cooking
Kash: No skill gains
Lorna: Cooking, Dancing, Flower Arranging, Gourmet Cooking
Tabitha: No skill gains

Lorna is our Skill Star of the Day!

Day 3 Tally
Duane: 18 points
Lorna: 18 points
Tabitha: 12 points
Kash: 9 points

Nothing broke but Kash fell asleep on the floor.
Tabitha is the only one to speak out of turn today.

Day 2 << Free Will >> Day 4

2 thoughts on “AFWE: House 02, Day 3

  1. Tabitha & that hot tub is glued to each other! 🙂 That Bob causing trouble already ready, don’t you wish you could give him some negative points for shouting! Sammy is super cute!! Day 3 is looking good Addy! Can’t wait to read Day 4

    Liked by 1 person

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