AFWE: House 02, Day 2

Monday (Week 1, Day 2)

An energized Tabitha takes a break from dancing to stretch and gains the Fitness skill. +1

Kash shakes his groove thing and reaches L2 in the Dancing skill. +1
He then peeks at Logic Volume 2 before putting it away. +1

He’s built up an appetite and decides to fix some oatmeal.

However, Duane starts talking & he forgets about his food.

Duane tells a joke about vampires and gains the Comedy skill. +1

They gossip for a few minutes and then Duane prepares Eggs and Toast. +2

Kash washes his bowl. +1
Kash briefly reads Charisma Volume 1, then puts it away. +1
Kash washes Duane’s plate. +1

Lorna grills tofu dogs. +2

Duane wakes from his nap, stretches and gains the Fitness skill. +1

Bob Pancakes invites them to go to the lounge.

Kash orders a Wrench and a bowl of chips, Duane chats with someone, Lorna watches Sim of the Dead and Tabitha also orders a Wrench.

They chat while sipping their drinks and Kash gains the Comedy skill. +1

Kash takes Lorna’s drink while she and Tabitha are chatting so Lorna orders a Sweet and Spicy.

Duane and Bob are dancing up a storm.

Duane reaches L2 in the Dancing skill. +1

The celebrity, Judith Ward, leaves so it’s time to head back home.

Tabitha watches TV Classics, Kash gets his groove on, Lorna chats using the computer and Duane naps in the hot tub.

Kash briefly reads Lucas Dark before putting it away. +1

An uncomfortable Tabitha heads off to work. The drink disappointed her (trait: Foodie) and she could use a bit of freshening up (bladder & hygiene).

Lorna washes her dish after eating a Tofu Dog, taking care not to wake Sammy. +1

Lorna peeks at Mischief Volume 1 before putting it away. +1

Tabitha gets the Chance of a Lifetime.
Should she perform an encore or cede the spotlight?

She goes for it, of course! +8

Lorna and Kash are dancing, yet he gains the Fitness skill. +1

Lorna chats with Kash while he’s eating then washes his plate. +1

Busted! Thought you could slip out to see the first snow and we wouldn’t notice, eh Kash? -4

Kash mops a puddle in the bathroom. +1

Kash calls for repairs and then does a few sit ups.

Tabitha (tired and grungy) arrives home from work.
“Maybe if I close my eyes, he’ll just go about his business and stop giving me the stink-eye!”

Lorna washes hers and Duane’s plates. +2
An energized Kash mops like mad! +1

Repairs cost §106. All four are dinged for -3

Kash peeks at Guitar Volume 3 before putting it away. +1
He then puts a toy out for Sammy.

Midnight in game.
Duane and Tabitha are napping, Lorna is sleeping and Kash is dancing.

Skills Learned/Increased
Duane: Comedy, Dancing, Fitness
Kash: Comedy, Dancing, Fitness
Lorna: No skill gains
Tabitha: Fitness

Duane and Kash are tied! They are our Skill Stars of the Day!

Day 2 Tally
Kash: 14 points
Duane: 11 points
Tabitha: 11 points
Lorna: 4 points

All were given -3 when the toilet was fixed.
Kash broke the toilet.

Day 1 << Free Will >> Day 3

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