AFWE: House 02, Day 14

Saturday (Week 2, Day 14)
All of the Sims who work will take a vacation day in order to hopefully earn points.

Kash finished this painting around 1:30 am.

Lorna puts a book away. +1

Kash is inspired to paint again.

Lorna and Kash are hungry but continually grabbing plates of spoiled burgers and setting them down isn’t resolving their situation.

Tabitha breaks the toilet. -4

Lorna washes dishes. +2
Then she breaks the kitchen sink. -4

Kash continues to paint and reaches L5 in the skill. +2
Sammy finds this one to be rather relaxing!

Tabitha clears away the rest of the dishes. +5
Then she takes out the trash. +1

Repairs cost §106. Lorna and Tabitha take -3

Tabitha mops the bathroom and the kitchen. +2
Then she cleans the toilet. +1

Tabitha watches TV but then it breaks. -4

Kash paints some more and then rewards himself by floating in the pool.

Lorna grills burgers. +2

Repairs cost §105. Lorna and Tabitha take -3

Sim-watching is always fun! Guess who this is?
Addy’s Note: If you said Geoffrey Landgraab then you are correct!

Duane does dishes. +4
He then watches TV for a bit before putting a book away. +1

Tabitha watches TV and reaches L6 in Cooking. +2

Race ya!

Kash reads and learns the Mixology skill. +1
Duane swims and reaches L2 in Fitness. +1

Duane leaves the pool to clean the sink. +1
Good thing too. He was getting a bit chilled.

Then Duane washes his glass after drinking water. +1

Kash puts a book away. +1

Duane sure loves standing in leaf piles while meeting Sims!

Tabitha washes the glass Kash used. +1

Kash is telling his fellow contestants that he should get a golden frog statue for jumping ahead of them in the competition!

He learns the Archaeology skill from reading, then puts the book away. +2
Duane clears away the spoiled food. +1

Kash grabs a glass of water and washes it when done. +1
Tabitha makes Vegetable Chili. +2

Duane and Lorna hug. +4 to both of them

Kash makes Baked Potatoes on the grill. +2

Tabitha convinces the others to go on an outing since it’s their last day together.

Addy’s Note: Whoa, this is a 6-hour Social Event! I’ll have them do this and make that the “official” ending (will make a save at midnight so the next group has a full day when it’s their turn!)

Highlights of their outing:

Kash takes advantage of the indoor pool.
They chat, nap, read.
Kash puts books away. +2
The closest anybody gets to exercise equipment is when Lorna goes upstairs to chat with Fallon Jean, lol

The event ends and so does this round of the challenge!!

Skills Learned/Increased
Duane: Fitness
Kash: Archaeology, Mixology, Painting
Lorna: No skill gains
Tabitha: Cooking

Once again Kash is the Skill Star of the Day!
He learned the most throughout this round – 39 points over 22 skills!!

However, Tabitha has the highest level in a skill – L6 in Cooking.
Kash comes in second with L5 in Cooking & Painting.

1st Place: Kash with 122 points
2nd Place: Duane with 72 points
3rd Place: Lorna with 54 points
4th Place: Tabitha with 40 points

Lorna broke the kitchen sink.
Tabitha broke the toilet and the TV.
None spoke out of turn.

Sammy is friends with Duane, Lorna and Tabitha.

Day 13 << Free Will >> THE END

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