AFWE: House 02, Day 13

Friday (Week 2, Day 13)

Duane eats cheese crackers then washes his bowl. +1
Tabitha makes Fruit & Yogurt Parfait. +2
After eating, she washes her bowl. +1

Duane hugs Sammy! +4

Lorna grills a pot of Franks and Beans. +2
She washes her bowl when done eating. +1

Kash cleans the cat food dish. +1
Lorna mops a puddle in the bathroom. +1

Kash takes out the trash. +1
Then he cleans the grill. +4

Kash washes Duane’s bowl. +1
Then puts away three books. +3

Kash is given a rare opportunity to paint someone who stepped through a portal.

Kash decides to grab the brush and the cash, of course!

Not sure if this was a good choice based on the moodlet.

Tabitha washes her glass. +1
Then she cleans the tub. +1
She also clears away the spoiled food. +1

Duane grills Veggie Burgers. +2
He washes his plate when done eating. +1

Kash lets loose a string of forbidden words. -2

Kash washes his plate. +1
He decides to nap and keep his tense mood at bay.

It didn’t help. -2

Kash takes out the trash. +1

Books didn’t calm him down either. -2

He puts away the books. +2

Midnight, end of Day 13.
Duane is at work.
Kash is painting.
Lorna is sleeping in the single bed.
Tabitha is sleeping in the double bed.
Sammy is using the litter box.

Skills Learned/Increased

Day 13 Tally
Kash: 111 points
Duane: 59 points
Lorna: 55 points
Tabitha: 40 points

Kash and Duane are the top two for this week and get the perk points!

Nothing broke!
Kash shouted forbidden words 3 times.

Day 12 << Free Will >> Day 14

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