AFWE: House 02, Day 12

Thursday (Week 2, Day 12)
Harvestfest Holiday

Tabitha makes herself a BLT at 2 in the morning. +2
She might be a Competent Cook but lets Sammy get away with way too much!
They all do!

Kash reads and learns the Handiness skill. +1
He cleans up after Tabitha so she can get some sleep. +1
Then puts the book away. +1

Kash puts the Guitar book away. +1
Then washes Duane’s glass. +1

Kash reads and learns the Violin skill. +1
He puts the book away. +1

Lorna fixes a bowl of oatmeal.
Kash grills hot dogs. +2

The gnomes are here and boy, do they look scary!

Kash puts away the book he was looking at earlier. +1

The gnomes look hungry.

Lorna washes her bowl. +1
Kash washes his plate. +1

Tabitha does the dishes. +2
Then she breaks the bathroom sink. -4

Lorna plays Sims Forever and reaches L2 in Video Gaming. +1
Kash washes Tabitha’s plate. +1

Repairs cost §105. No penalty, yay!

Lorna cleans up after Duane. +1
Kash puts away a book. +1

Tabitha puts away a book. +1
Lorna clears away the spoiled food. +2
Then she takes out the trash. +1

Kash cooks Scrambled Eggs with Bacon. +2
He reaches L5 in Cooking. +2

Duane does dishes. +1

Midnight, end of Day 12.
Duane is chatting online.
Kash is sleeping in the single bed.
Lorna is sleeping in the double bed.
Tabitha is napping on the ottoman.
Sammy is watching the gnomes.

Skills Learned/Increased
Duane: No skill gains
Kash: Cooking, Handiness, Violin
Lorna: Video Gaming
Tabitha: No skill gains

Kash is the Skill Star of the Day!

Day 12 Tally
Kash: 103 points
Duane: 51 points
Lorna: 51 points
Tabitha: 34 points

Tabitha broke the bathroom sink.
None spoke out of turn.

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