AFWE: House 02, Day 11

Wednesday (Week 2, Day 11)

Lorna picks up the trash that their “guests” left on the ground. +2
Then she picks up the can and empties the trash. +2

Poor Lorna is fighting off the same thing that Tabitha has/had.
No moodlet, but sees stars and appear to be dizzy.

Addy’s Note: A little later Lorna gets the stuffed-up (from illness) moodlet. Lasts 3 hours and gives an Uncomfortable +2. She also periodically sneezes.

Kash puts two books away. +2
Then he gets rid of the spoiled food. +1

Sammy chases his tail while an energized Lorna does Push Ups.

Kash breaks the kitchen sink. -4
He takes out the trash and washes his hands before calling for repairs. +1

After her workout, Lorna loves on Sammy.

Kash mops up the mess. +1
Then he makes Mac and Cheese. +2
He reaches L4 in Cooking. +2

Repairs cost §107. All take -3

Tabitha makes Ceviche and Chips. +2
She learns the Gourmet Cooking skill. +1

Kash washes his bowl. +1
Tabitha washes her bowl. +1

Kash is artistically late and has to decide whether he should set up partially in the street or give up/schmooze.

He sets up in the street, of course!

Tabitha is swimming laps when she gets a cramp. Ouch!

She gets a drink of water and washes her glass. +1
Then she cleans the sink. +1

Sammy stands guard while Tabitha is taking a bubble bath.

Unfortunately, Tabitha breaks the tub. -4
She cleans the sink before calling for repairs. +1

Duane pulls out ingredients to make a Garden Salad but sets it down because nature calls louder than his stomach! He then returns to finish fixing food. +2

Repairs cost §110. All take -3

As soon as the repair guy is gone, Kash breaks the toilet. -4

Tabitha has to play piano for a black-tie event but forgot to get an evening gown. She has to decide whether she should borrow something or dress down.

She borrows something and it doesn’t go well.

Duane washes his bowl. +1
Then cleans the counter. +1

Repairs cost §105. All take -3

Kash fixes chicken nuggets and washes his plate when done. +1

Midnight. End of Day 11.
Duane is at work.
Kash is sleeping in the single bed.
Lorna is sleeping in the double bed.
Tabitha is napping on the ottoman.
Sammy is running around.

Skills Learned/Increased
Duane: No skill gains
Kash: Cooking
Lorna: No skill gains
Tabitha: Gourmet Cooking

Kash and Tabitha tie. They are the Skill Stars of the Day!

Day 11 Tally
Kash: 86 points
Duane: 50 points
Lorna: 45 points
Tabitha: 33 points

Kash broke the kitchen sink and the toilet.
Tabitha broke the tub.
The repair guy came THREE times today!
None spoke out of turn.

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