AFWE: House 02, Day 10

Tuesday (Week 2, Day 10)

Sammy likes how this morning gets started! Duane gets +4

Kash washes Lorna’s water glass. +1
Then takes out the trash. +1
He also puts away the book that Duane was looking at. +1

Sammy was heading outside, then there was a change to the in-game music and he flopped on his side.
Addy’s Note: This seems to be the equivalent of a Sim passing out from being too tired.

Kash thinks he’s getting better at painting.

He “celebrates” by making pancakes. +2

Duane gets a bit too enthusiastic with online chatting and breaks the computer. -4
Addy’s Note: Will hold off on repairs until something else breaks or Thursday (no penalty), whichever comes first.

He clears away Kash’s dishes. +1
Then puts away a book. +1

Kash is inspired to paint. He reaches L4 in the skill. +2

More pampering for Sammy. He could get used to this! Duane gets +4

Kash reads and learns the Mischief skill. +1
Duane puts away the book. +1

Lorna makes Mac and Cheese. +2
She reaches L3 in Cooking. +1

Kash washes his glass. +1

Tabitha thinks Mac and Cheese sounds good too. +2
By doing so, she completes the first tier of the Master Chef aspiration.

Duane makes pancakes. +2
Tabitha washes both plates. +2

Lorna cleans the toilet. +1
Tabitha plays chess and learns the Logic skill. +1

Duane washes his plate. +1
Then puts away the book Lorna left out. +1

Shayna invites the group to Geek Con!

Some highlights of their outing:

Tabitha reaches L2 in Video Gaming while playing Blicblock. +1
Lorna tries karaoke and learns the Singing skill. +1
So does Duane. +1
Duane and Lorna hug. +4 to both
Tabitha plays Blicblock again and reaches L3 in Video Gaming. +1

Back at home:
Kash gets promoted at work. +8

The festival ends so Duane and Lorna go home while Tabitha heads off to work.

Somebody is happy to see Duane!


Rub a dub dub
Two Sims nap in the hot tub.

Lorna gets water then washes her glass. +1
Kash makes Baked Potatoes on the grill. +2
Lorna washes dishes. +3

Hmmm … two more Sims joining the “You’re NOT welcome here!” list!

Maybe Bob dared them so they’re sending him proof.

Midnight, end of Day 10.
Duane is at work.
Kash is sleeping in the double bed.
Lorna is napping on the ottoman.
Tabitha is sleeping in the single bed.
Sammy just finished the food in his bowl.

Skills Learned/Increased
Duane: Singing
Kash: Mischief, Painting
Lorna: Cooking, Singing
Tabitha: Logic, 2x Video Gaming

Tabitha is the Skill Star of the Day!

Day 10 Tally
Kash: 92 points
Duane: 55 points
Lorna: 50 points
Tabitha: 39 points

Kash got a promotion. Congratulations!!
Duane broke the computer.
None spoke out of turn.

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