AFWE: House 02, Day 1

Sunday (Week 1, Day 1)

This is the house where our current batch of contestants will live.
A Haven for Airis courtesy of illusie.
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Free Will 2 – EA Gallery

Meet Sammy. He’s affectionate, clever and spoiled.

Meet our contestants: Duane, Kash, Lorna and Tabitha.

Duane (yellow shirt): Hates Children, Glutton, Outgoing.
Criminal L3 Ringleader. Charisma 3; Mischief 2; Writing 3

Kash (red shirt): Bookworm, Cheerful, Loner.
Painter L3 Hungry Artist. Logic 3; Painting 2; Vampire Lore 3

Lorna (brown blouse): Genius, Cheerful, Good.
Detective L3 Corporal. Archaeology 3; Logic 3

Tabitha (green sweater): Foodie, Creative, Music Lover.
Entertainer L3 C-Lister. Guitar 2; Pipe Organ 3; Violin 2

With traits like these, things are going to get real interesting, real fast!

Duane immediately fires up the grill for veggie burgers. +2
He learns the Cooking skill. +1

Tabitha claims the double bed.

Kash watches Roaring Vice.

Lorna makes grilled cheese. +2
She learns the Cooking skill. +1

12:33 am: The fridge breaks but the only one nearby was Sammy the cat.
No – points assigned.
They will call for repairs and take a hit in points.

Behold the power of cheese! Kash makes grilled cheese. +2
He learns the Cooking skill. +1

Lorna starts reading a book on Rocket Science but ends up putting it away. +1
Duane washes his plate. +1
Duane washes Lorna’s plate. +1

Youssel Assaqui repairs their broken fridge. Everyone takes -3

Kash washes his plate. +1

3:10 am: 1 sleeping, 3 napping. Sammy is making the rounds.

Lorna plays a game on her phone and learns the Video Gaming skill. +1
Kash plays Sims Forever on the computer and learns the Video Gaming skill. +1

Sammy isn’t sure how he feels about the stereo system.

It’s 6:03 am on a Sunday morning, what do you do?
Watch Simder, of course! Not Tabitha. She’s still asleep.

Kash starts getting down with the music and learns the Dancing skill. +1

Poor Lorna! She fed the cat and then fell face first into the cat food dish. But … look at her Energy bar. GREEN. I have no idea why she fell asleep like this. -10

Addy’s Note: I just noticed that she doesn’t have the red circle for passing out on the left hand side of the screen. This is really odd!

Lorna wakes a few minutes later and gravitates to the music.
She learns the Dancing skill. +1

An energized Lorna stretches and learns the Fitness skill. +1
Lorna washes Duane’s and Tabitha’s plates. +2

Tabitha is watching TV when she learns the Cooking skill. +1
She gets her groove going and learns the Dancing skill. +1

Neighborhood Welcome Wagon, Bob and Eliza Pancakes!!

I don’t think Duane believes Shayna Wilhelm and Eliza are being very neighborly. “Can’t a sim sleep in peace?”

Kash puts a book away. +1
He scrapes and cleans the platter of spoiled grilled cheese sandwiches. +1

Lorna empties the trash can. +1
Kash browses books but nothing catches his fancy so he puts it back. +1
Tabitha washes Bob’s plate. +1

Tabitha then washes Eliza’s & Lorna’s plates. +2

Lorna gets the Uncomfortable +2 “What Did I Just Eat?” moodlet lasting 4 hours from eating the gourmet fruitcake Shayna brought.

Kash gets the same moodlet.

Sammy decides to roam while his sims are busy.

Alright you two! Get a room! Go home!
They’ve kissed several times already!

Sammy is now sitting on top of another picnic table, facing the ones he was on/near earlier.

Sammy must enjoy sitting on top of things, looking around.

Lorna steps outside when Sammy comes in. She decides to take a nap in the hot tub.

Bob took out the trash. Bad Bob! You took a point from the contestants. But … where did this trash on the ground come from? Can is upright and both Bob & Lorna placed bags in the trash can.

Tabitha washes Kash’s and Shayna’s plates. +2

Sammy is back on the picnic table!

The guests are gone and Tabitha jumps on the computer to play The Sims Forever. She learns the Video Gaming skill. +1

Kash and Tabitha head outside to pick up the trash from the ground but Kash gets to it first. +1

Lorna naps a lot! Woke up and relaxed in the tub for a few minutes, then walks inside to nap on the bed.

Duane starts prancing in his pajamas and learns the Dancing skill. +1

Lorna snores. I can’t recall hearing a sim snore before. It could be because I zip through naps and sleeping but I can’t with Free Will or I might miss something.

Duane eats the gourmet fruitcake and gets Happy +2 Fruity Delicacy! moodlet that lasts for 4 hours. I’m like, ewww … Duane no. Fruitcake is gross.

Kash browses books, partially reads one and then puts it away. +1
He stops dancing, swoops in and snags Duane’s plate to wash .. within seconds of his finishing. +1

Tabitha forgot to prepare for the fundraiser at the local animal shelter. Her choices: mine the internet or wing it.

Wah wah wah … Tabitha mines the internet and her efforts were not appreciated.

They’re eating the fruitcake again. Same moodlets as before. The good news is this IS the last of the housewarming “gift”.

Kash and Duane wash their plates. +1 each.
Duane cleans the platter. +1

Lorna ate oatmeal and Duane grabs her bowl to clean as soon as she’s done. +1
Duane plays Sims Forever and learns the Video Gaming skill. +1

I totally forgot about the veggie burgers Duane made earlier and they were in his inventory this whole time! He scraped the spoiled food into the trash and washed the platter. +1

See where Sammy is in the picture?

Lorna puts her book away. +1
Lorna picks up the book on the table and puts it away. +1

Duane empties the kitchen trash. +1

11 pm when Tabitha arrives home from work, her roommates are …

Tabitha is feeling embarrassed (Heckled on Stage moodlet for 4 more hours!) and could use a nap.

OMG!!! You are not going to believe what just happened …

Tabitha goes outside to talk to BROOKS (yes, the winner from round 1) …
I’m playing this round in the same game save.

Lorna reaches L2 in Dancing skill. +1

It’s now just after midnight in the game. Day 1 is officially over!!

Skills Learned/Increased
Duane: Cooking, Dancing & Video Gaming
Kash: Cooking, Dancing & Video Gaming
Lorna: Cooking, 2 in Dancing, Fitness & Video Gaming
Tabitha: Cooking, Dancing & Video Gaming

Lorna is our Skill Star of the Day!

Day 1 Tally
Kash: 10 points
Duane: 9 points
Tabitha: 5 points
Lorna: 0 points

All were given -3 points when the fridge was fixed.
Lorna fell asleep on the floor.
The fact that none end with negative numbers is a thing worth smiling about.

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2 thoughts on “AFWE: House 02, Day 1

  1. The house is lovely, the cat on the counter by the fridge, is super cute! What a place to pass out at, right in the kitty bowl! Oh, how the Pancakes syrup it on :D, I agree Sammy really loves the counters! Isn’t that great they get to meet the old players, very awesome!

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