AFWE: House 01, Day 9

~ Monday ~

Darrell washes the food platter. +1 point.
Brooks washes his & Tyler’s plates. +2 points.

Darrell heads to the grill to do a breakfast scramble at 1:43 am. +2 points.

Tyler pampers Doodle on the couch. +5 points.

While Alisha and Darrell chat, Tyler washes Alisha’s cereal bowl. +1 point.
Alisha washes Josephine’s plate. +1 point.
Darrell washes his plate. +1 point.

Josephine washes Heather’s plate. +1 point.
Virginia washes her plate. +1 point.

The radio broke but nobody was doing anything with it.
Guess it’s going to be broken for a few days.
Addy’s Note: We were still hammering out the repair rule at this point.

Virginia put away her book. +1 point.

Josephine takes advantage of the good weather.

She is feeling inspired so moves to the 2nd easel.

Heather washes her plate. +1 point.
Josephine washes her glass. +1 point.

Alisha and Brooks are friends. +2 points to each.
Brooks and Tyler are friends. +2 points to each.

Enjoying the nice weather!

Virginia gets the same durn work opportunity again. Bribe the lawyer or Stall the Proceedings. This is getting BORING !!!

Josephine joins them at the poolside as soon as she finishes her painting.

Darrell washes Tyler’s plate. +1 point.
Brooks washes his own. +1 point.

Darrell scrapes and cleans the spoiled breakfast scramble platter. +1 point.
Then he takes out the trash. +1 point.
After that, he puts a book away. +1 point.

Addy’s Note: Speaking of books, am going to place the first skill book for each skill in the bookshelf and see what happens.

Alisha makes eggs and toast. +2 points.
Addy’s Note: I admit to getting a little nervous each time I see her head to the stove, ha ha

Darrell and Tyler browsed books, ending up choosing skill books. Flower Arranging for him and Writing for her.

Another pet themed painting.

Tyler puts her books away as well as Darrell’s. +3 points.

Alisha does an “analyze personality” on Brooks. Maybe she is trying to find out his secret for being in 1st place!

Addy’s Note: That made her tense due to “low brain power” moodlet that lasts 2 hours, saying she needs to rest and recover her brain power.

Alisha washed her plate. +1 point.

Addy’s Note: Rule Change/Addition!
Each skill gained during challenge by reading or doing gives the sim points (refer to rules for amount). Skills sims start with are not included when giving points. making adjustments to tally now.
+8 Alisha
+6 Brooks
+7 Darrell
+8 Heather
+7 Josephine
+8 Tyler
+7 Tyler

Virginia is home from work. She’s happy to be home and doesn’t need anything at this time.

Alisha gains a point in Wellness. +1 point.

Painting is done. Josephine heads inside for a bowl of applesauce.

Tyler gains a point in Video Gaming, playing Blicblock on the computer. +1 point.

Alisha took a shower after her workout and broke it. -4 points.

Brooks learned about Koi from chatting with Heather.
Virginia learns the guitar skill. +1 point.

Alisha cleans the bathroom sink. +1 point.
Alisha washes Josephine’s bowl. +1 point.

Tyler broke the computer before leaving for work! -4 points.
Guess what Heather broke? The TV. -4 points.

Josephine finishes another painting before deciding to take a nap.

Addy’s Note: In case you’re interested, I put the finished paintings in her personal inventory.

How rude! Brooks was partway through his act when the bassist for the headliner interrupts and starts performing. Brooks can cut him short or roll with it.

Die roll returns with …

Alisha mops the bathroom. +2 points.
Virginia washes up after eating. +1 point.

Alisha washes Heather’s glass. +1 point.
Alisha finishes cleaning the sink that Brooks started working on. +1 point.

Heather starts reading a book on gardening but ends up putting it away. +1 point.

Alisha gains the guitar skill. +1 point.
Heather mops the bathroom floor. +1 point.

Virginia washes her glass. +1 point.

I agree, Josephine. If I were you, I would walk away from that painting before someone thinks you did it, too.

Heather cleaned up after Doodle. +1 point.
Josephine cleans a bathroom sink. +1 point.

Alisha gains the fitness skill by getting in the pool. +1 point.
Heather gains the wellness skill by doing a brain boosting yoga routine. +1 point.

Brooks is home from work. He’s in a fine mood but do with a bite to eat and a bath.

Tyler is home from work. She’s also in a fine mood but could do with a bite to eat and a chance to use the bathroom.

Virginia mops the bathroom. +2 points.

Boo! Heather finishes her yoga and decides to relax by scaring Brooks.

Scaring Brooks worked up an appetite so Heather makes a BLT. +2 points.

Darrell is home from work. He’s feeling uncomfortable because he’s grungy, feeling peckish and has promotion anxiety (ambitious trait).

Alisha mops the bathroom floor. +1 point.

Tyler wanted BLT but Heather’s eating it so she makes a grilled cheese instead. +2 points.

Tyler gains a level in cooking skill. +1 point.
Virginia gains the fitness skill from getting in the pool. +1 point.

Day 9 Tally:
88 Brooks
75 Alisha
69 Tyler
60 Josephine
37 Darrell
27 Virginia
25 Heather

Good weather. No swear jar needed.

Day 8 << Free Will >> Day 10

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