AFWE: House 01, Day 8

~ Sunday ~

Virginia is glad to be free and “celebrates” by grilling burgers. +2 points.

Brooks cleans up after Doodle. +1 point.

Another holiday fight! This time Brooks started it with Virginia. -10 points to each of them.

+4 points to each of them.

Alisha got a promotion! +8 points.

Alisha is tense because of a stressful day at work. Food and bed is what she wants!

Heather is uncomfortable because the work opportunity left her embarrassed, she’s exhausted and could also use some freshening up time (bladder & hygiene).


Heather took a couple of naps but they didn’t help. She also couldn’t make it to the bed Virginia just vacated. -10 points.

Sims moved the dirty plates and platters around but not Josephine. She washed everything. +7 points.

Brooks and Virginia just became Friends. +2 points to each of them.

Virginia gets the same work opportunity that she’s had several times. So boring!

I just clicked and moved along.

Josephine cleans a bathroom sink. +1 point.
Josephine washes Tyler’s plate. +1 point.
Josephine scrapes and then washes the spoiled burger platter. +1 point.
Josephine washes Brooks’ plate. +1 point.

Then she joins them for some dancing fun!

What’s Doodle up to? Just being cute, like usual!

Josephine puts away two books. +2 points.

Josephine & Tyler are chatting while they drink water. Of course they’re going to talk about fish, lol

Tyler washes her glass. +1 point.
Not to be outdone, Josephine washes hers. +1 point.
Josephine puts Doodle’s ball away. +1 point.
Darrell washes his glass. +1 point.

Alisha grills burgers. +2 points.

Evil and I know it. Evil and I show it.

Tyler washes Darrell’s glass. +1 point.
Darrell takes out the trash. +1 point.

Virginia is home from work. She feels fine but wouldn’t mind a nap.

Doodle is outside, rolling around in a puddle & accidentally splashes Alisha as she walks past. This makes her angry. -2 points.

Josephine washes Alisha’s plate. +1 point.

Alisha tries to read a book but isn’t in the mood.
She puts the book away. +1 point.

Maybe putting books away that others left out will help calm Alisha down. +4 books.

Josephine washes another plate. +1 point.
Brooks washes his plate. +1 point.

Darrell is told that a dish is undercooked. He can nuke it or remake the dish.

Rolled a die.

Brooks washes Alisha’s glass. +1 point.
Alisha puts away a book. +1 point.
Then she washes Heather’s plate. +1 point.

Heather puts her book away. +1 point.
Tyler washes her dish. +1 point.

Darrell arrives home from work. He’s in a fine mood overall and doesn’t need anything at the moment.

Brooks washes his plate. +1 point.
Tyler cleans up after doodle. +1 point.

MIDNIGHT Dance Party!!

Day 8 Tally:
75 Brooks
55 Alisha
51 Tyler
50 Josephine
22 Darrell
14 Heather
12 Virginia

Only Alisha dropped an f-bomb today.

Day 7 << Free Will >> Day 9

4 thoughts on “AFWE: House 01, Day 8

  1. Wow, Alisha passed Tyler! Congrats to her for getting a promotion too! I love her evil faces, so funny! For a minute there I thought Josephine was going to top Brooks at the rate she was going. Sims sure like to dance eh? Nice way to end the day though. Fun chapter! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In Sims 3, I never wanted to play evil Sims but I find them to be rather entertaining in Sims 4. I’ve also not played an alien for long before Alisha. She’s growing on me 🙂

      It’s funny how the place positions change as things go along. I’m sure there will be more of this in future chapters, lol

      Yes, they do! Autonomous Sims seem to spend a lot of time dancing. And making coffee/tea which is why I won’t have either of these items in the FW house.

      Thank you 🙂


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