AFWE: House 01, Day 7

~ Saturday ~

Placed the Brindleton Bay lots in ramdomizer and got … Pupperstone Park!
I think they should take Doodle with them.

Darrell is super tired (pass out in 23 minutes) and hungry so he chooses to grill baked potatoes. +2 points.

Good news: He didn’t catch anything on fire. However, Darrell also didn’t make it to an empty bed or couch before lights out. -10 points.

Alisha gets home from work. She feeling tense due to lack of fun and wouldn’t mind using the toilet at some point.

Heather also arrives home from work. She feeling fine overall.

Just noticed that 3rd bathroom sink is broken. The last sim to wash dishes was Virginia so she gets the -4 points.

Heather ignores the puddles on the floor and opts to scrub the tub. +1 point.

Pictures during outing:
Brooks immediately starts grilling burgers. +2 points.

Tyler introduces herself to Caleb.

Brooks gives Doodle some food and they share a meal (kibble for Doodle and burger for Brooks).

The guys seek out Tyler.

Tyler uses the public facilities. Eww. Then enjoys a burger while Brooks browses the web. Hope she washed her hands!

Tyler chats with Justin. Brooks plays chess with Brant.

They’re drawing quite the crowd!

Down goes Tyler. Thank goodness she has immunity until 9 pm!

And this is where we leave them to go see what’s happening back at home.

.. back at home ..
Darrell grills a pot of franks and beans (excellent quality). +2 points.

Heather empties the trash. +1 point.

Youssef Assaoui fixed the fridge!

Somebody broke the 4th sink while Brooks and Tyler were at the park! I can’t dock anybody the -4 points since I don’t know who did it.

Youssef fixes the kitchen sink and is currently fixing the 3rd bathroom sink.
He’s almost done!
$115 to fix fridge and 5 broken sinks

He looks like he could use a nap!

Darrell washes his bowl after eating lunch. +1 point.
Heather gets a drink of water and then washes her glass. +1 point.
Alisha mopped the kitchen and both bathrooms after Youssef was done! +11 points!!

Virginia expresses her surprise when the front door opens behind her. Darrell & Josephine are at work. Brooks & Tyler are on their reward outing. Heather is dancing next to her & Alisha is in the kitchen, having just finished mopping.

Who could it be?

Tyler! She came home and is heading straight to bed.

Brooks wasn’t happy about coming home early but it wasn’t the same after Tyler left.

This seems a bit cheaty! I didn’t notice the holiday until too late to cancel. Neighborhood Brawl Day

Virginia and Heather get into the spirit. -10 points to each.

Then they hug it out. +4 point to each.

Brooks washes the food platter after carefully scraping the food bits into the trash. +1 point.

Josephine gets home from work. She feels fine overall but wouldn’t mind having something to eat.

Brooks empties the trash. +1 point.

Virginia and Doodle are no longer friends. -2 points for ignoring the furry friend.

Brooks washes Alisha’s bowl. +1 point.
Alisha washed two bowls. +2 points.

Heather didn’t get the shipment because the cops were on to them. She can grill everyone or start new ring.

Heather chooses to go with grill everyone since start a new ring didn’t work out so well for Alisha.

Darrell gets home from work. He’s feeling tense, really wanting to do something fun but wouldn’t mind cleaning up after his shift as a caterer.

Tyler washes her bowl. +1 point.
Brooks washes his bowl. +1 point.

Day 7 Tally:
75 Brooks
47 Tyler
40 Alisha
31 Josephine
23 Heather
20 Darrell
14 Virginia

The nice weather is keeping the tension and shouts at bay!

Day 6 << Free Will >> Day 8

2 thoughts on “AFWE: House 01, Day 7

  1. I see everything is breaking in the bathroom! Congrats to Darrell on his work opportunity! Congrats to Tyler for his promotion! Brooks is really leading this house!
    Day 7, I’m glad Darrell didn’t catch anything on fire! Neighborhood Brawl Day is really doing good as far as getting points and having them taken away! Super fun! Oh No sorry Virginia and Doodle lost their friendship! Brooks is still climbing in points standings, its really looking good for her!!

    Liked by 1 person

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