AFWE: House 01, Day 6

~ Friday ~

Josephine eats a burger and washes her plate (ignoring the smelly dirty plate on the counter). +1 point.
(sitting out) 6 servings left … spoil in 4 hours 46 minutes.

2:59 am: Josephine stops watching Sims of the Dead and washes the smelly plate. +1 point.

It was just a matter of time! Josephine breaks the 2nd sink in the bathroom. -4 points.

A tense Alisha gets home from work. She needs video games/fun and a bath, but really wants to have fun first.

An uncomfortable Heather gets home from work. She’s feeling grungy and could also eat something.

Waste no, want not. Heather picks up Tyler’s partially eaten burger and eats it.

Heather washes the plate. +1 point.
Tyler hugs Doodle. +4 points.

If you don’t like the radio station, you can just change it. Alisha gets -2 points.

Tyler cleans up after Doodle. +1 point.
Then she washes a plate. +1 point.

Alisha empties the trash. +1 point.
Josephine washes two plates and the tray of spoiled burgers after scraping food into the trash. +3 points.

This was a struggle to watch. Josephine picked up dirty plate went into bathroom, came out and set on counter. Did this twice. (I think it was because Heather was bathing). Then Tyler combined two plates (the first plus Darrell’s) but put it back down on the table. Then Darrell picks up plates and adds the platter of spoiled burgers .. and set it down on the table. I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with the sinks in the 2nd bathroom! Neither are broken, I checked. FINALLY, Josephine grabs the lot .. scrapes and washes. Whew! What an ordeal to get clean dishes, ha ha. Josephine gets +3 points.

Josephine cleans the tub! She is energized so it’s “clean with vigor”. +1 point.
Alisha empties the trash. +1 point.

The bathrooms are busy!

Tyler mops the bathroom and kitchen. There was more to mop but she stopped. +3 points.

Brooks grills veggie burgers. +2 points.

Virginia puts away three books, one after the other. +3 points.

Then she cooks scrambled eggs with bacon. +2 points.

Darrell cleans the grill. +4 points.

Brooks washes two plates, his and Virginia’s. +2 points.

Dance Party!

Tyler grabs a veggie burger but before she can take a bite, down she goes. At least her face isn’t in a puddle! -10 points.

Darrell talks to Brant while mopping the bathroom. +1 point.
Then he mops the kitchen. +1 point.
He starts to mop the bathroom, but heads off to work.

Virginia gets a glass of water and washes her glass when done. +1 point.

Darrell gets a unique work opportunity.
If he accepts he gains fame but loses his job.

I opt to let him keep his job so he can leave the lot for at least part of the time.

An uncomfortable Josephine arrives home from work. She’s really tired but could also use a bathroom break.

Alisha wakes and goes on a major mopping spree!! +7 points.
Virginia washes Brooks’ plate. +1 point.

Brooks gets in a bind during a work related opportunity.
Borrow clothing or dress down?

Rolled a die. Brooks chooses to dress down.

Tyler gets an opportunity to participate in Open Mic Night.
Hmm … cover songs or original material?

Rolled a die. Tyler sticks to well-loved cover songs.

Alisha washes her plate. +1 point.
Virginia collects the spoiled platter of food, her plate and a glass left behind to wash. +3 points.

Virginia empties the trash. +1 point.
Then she washes Heather’s plate after scraping it into the trash. +1 point.

The police were waiting. Alisha can either grill everyone or start a new ring.

… and the die says …

10 pm: Brooks arrives home from work. He feels fine but wouldn’t mind using the toilet before bed.

11 pm: Darrell arrives home from work. He’s uncomfortable and really wants a bed! To sleep or hide from the embarrassment caused by co-workers is anyone’s guess.

Tyler also arrives home from work sporting a PROMOTION!! +8 points.

She’s also uncomfortable and wants to sleep!

Day 6 Tally:
69 Brooks
46 Tyler
31 Josephine
27 Alisha
26 Heather & Virginia
25 Darrell

Alisha was the only only one to shout forbidden words today.

Winners of the outing: Brooks & Tyler

Day 5 << Free Will >> Day 7

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