AFWE: House 01, Day 5

~ Thursday ~

Brooks is bored and ponders glass emptiness ..
Tyler begins mopping the kitchen. +1 point ..
Darrell decides to make Eggs and Toast. +2 points.

Tyler continues mopping, keeping an eye on Darrell who just broke a bottle of oil. +1 point.

Brooks and Josephine bring their books over to the table so they can keep an eye on the “show”. Tyler empties the trash. +1 point.

Brooks puts his book away. +1 point.
Josephine does the same with hers. +1 point.

Josephine mops the bathroom. +1 point.
She then moves on to the kitchen. +1 point.
And puts Doodle’s ball away. +1 point.
Then returns to finish the kitchen floors. +2 points.

Goodness! She is going back and forth. Mopping the bathroom again. +1 point.
Then throws away the glass that Brooks pondered earlier. +1 point.

Darrell washes his plate. +1 point.
While Darrell complains about the smell, Josephine merely grabs a mop. +2 points.

Alisha gets home from work. Feeling Fine but could use a meal & a bathroom.

Heather gets home from work. Feeling Uncomfortable because she’s really tired.

Brooks wakes from his nap on the sofa and mops a spot in the kitchen. +1 point.
Then he mops the bathroom. +1 point.

Heather wasn’t fast enough and slumped to the ground. -10 points.

Brooks empties the trash can. +1 point.
Then he comes back inside and mops the kitchen. +2 points.

Josephine grabs fixings for grilled cheese but sets it on the ground and then complains about being hungry. -1 point.

What is this ??

Brooks mops the bathroom. +1 point.

Josephine decides to go outside and cook Franks and Beans. +2 points.

Alisha thinks cooking grilled cheese is a good idea.
She bypasses the fixings on the floor & grabs fresh ingredients from the fridge. +2 points.

Heather and Darrell enjoy the beautiful weather.

Whew! Both meals were made without incidence.
Grilled Cheese Quality: Normal .. Franks and Beans Quality: Poor.

Darrell cleans up after Doodle. +1 point.
He’s a cleaning machine! He mops the kitchen. +2 points.
Also the bathroom. +2 points.

Apparently, Josephine discovers an alien .. pretty slow on the uptake considering she has the Genius trait!

Alisha lets Josephine ponder all she wants as she collects both of their dishes and washes them. +2 points.

Virginia washes her bowl before heading off to work. +1 point.
Alisha puts her book away. +1 point.
Alisha puts another book away before going to bed. +1 point.

Darrell is energized and mops like mad! kitchen & bathroom: +3 points.
Brooks changes into his warm weather outfit to take out the trash. +1 point.

Tyler looks like she wishes she was hugging Doodle instead of Brooks. +4 points.

Brooks washes Tyler’s bowl while she’s busy using the bathroom. +1 point.

Darrell and Tyler discuss fishing spots while Brooks weaves in between them to mop. He goes back and forth between the bathroom and the kitchen, mopping like mad! since he is energized. +5 points.

Tyler is quite surprised to hear Brooks complain about the sunny weather.

Brooks grabs a glass of water while talking with Tyler but she ends up being the one to wash it. +1 point.

Tyler mops the bathroom. +1 point. Then starts working in the kitchen. +1 point.

There is a missing model. Josephine has the choice to improvise or cancel the photo shoot.

The show must go on! Josephine is rewarded for her effort.

Virginia also has a choice to make! Bribe or stall tactic.

Since she’s had this opportunity several times, I rolled a die for her choice.

Tyler mops another puddle in the kitchen. +1 point.
Tyler picks up the food left on the floor and adds Brooks’ bowl to the pile before heading to use the bathroom sink. +2 points.

Virginia is home from work and desperate for some fun!

Tyler washes her bowl after eating Franks and Beans. +1 point.
She mops the bathroom and kitchen again. +3 points.

Josephine is home from work.
She might want to bathe but she needs fun and sleep even more!

Virginia picks up her plate and Alisha’s as well as the empty bowl on the counter. No more spoiled food! +3 points.
One good turn deserves another. Alisha puts away Virginia’s book. +1 point.

Alisha puts away the book that was left on the coffee table. +1 point.
Alisha puts away the book that was left on the rug in front of the TV. +1 point.

Virginia mops the bathroom and kitchen. Several times! +5 points.

Heather shapes the bonsai plant.

Brooks receives the chance of a lifetime! He has to decide whether to perform an encore or let the next performer take the spotlight.

Easy choice! +8 points.

Alisha puts a book away. +1 point.

8 pm: Alisha and Heather head off to work. This leaves Josephine (currently napping) and Virginia (in the shower) home on their own until 10 pm.

Virginia decides to grill some burgers. +2 points.

Virginia eats a burger then sets her plate down. She also leaves the rest out for the others to enjoy when they return home from work.

Josephine and Virginia call dibs … they claim the double beds.

Brooks is home from work. Happy due to his promotion but he’s tired and should seek a bed soon.

Darrell is home from work. Uncomfortable because he’s exhausted.
He will pass out in 22 minutes. Better find a bed or couch, pronto!!

Tyler is home from work. She’s in a playful mood (Goofball trait) but needs amusement and is a bit grungy.

Darrell didn’t make it. -10 points.

Look who wore himself out!

Day 5 Tally:
65 Brooks
39 Tyler
26 Josephine
25 Heather
20 Alisha
19 Darrell
14 Virginia

The sun is shining so no swear jar needed.

Day 4 << Free Will >> Day 6

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