AFWE: House 01, Day 4

~ Wednesday ~

Just after midnight, here’s a picture showing where everybody is:

Doodle is barking and howling at the fridge.

While Brooks is soothing Doodle, Tyler grabs both their plates to wash. +2 points.

Even Doodle is bothered by what she did next. -2 points.

Doodle eats his doggy kibble.

Although if he was like a certain feline (Vihisha’s Merlin!), he’d be on top of the table chowing down on those juicy hamburgers Virginia left behind.

Tyler is vocal about her thoughts on the movie Moonlight Massacre III. -2 points.

Doodle piddled in front of the steps and also left a “present” nearby. Hopefully, it won’t get tracked into the house by unsuspecting sims. Ewwww

The burger Virginia made isn’t foul but Darrell’s mouth sure is! -2 points.

Virginia jumped in the shower while Tyler was using the toilet, no problem but .. Tyler had an issue when she went to wash her hands. Darrell came in with his dirty dish & turned right back around.

Addy’s Note: I might need to make adjustments so there are TWO bathrooms.

Virginia is either upset about the lack of privacy or the puddle Doodle left behind. -2 points.

Tyler cleans Darrell’s plate. +1 point.

Virginia isn’t happy with the bad surroundings (broken fridge & sink) but her burgers haven’t spoiled yet.

Addy’s Note: The rule about repairing broken objects came about because of my play-through. It will be addressed at a later time.

Alisha and Heather arrive home from work. Alisha is Tense (Moodlet: Fire is Out, Stressful Workday, Grungy) and Heather is Uncomfortable (Exhausted).

Busted! Tyler got caught saying things she shouldn’t. -2 points.

Josephine wakes, pulls food out of her personal inventory and heads to the dining area, bypassing Tyler who plans on taking that bed she just vacated.

Had to reset Alisha and Heather since they were stuck at the curb.
Alisha heads toward the house but not Heather. -10 points.

Even though there are now 2 small bathrooms, Josephine takes her dish and Virginia’s to the bathroom where Alisha is showering. +2 points.

After complaining about the puddles, Virginia began to mop. +1 point.

Josephine hopes a quiet dip in the pool will ease her tenseness left over from the fire yesterday.
Addy’s Note: She has TEN hours left on this moodlet! Odd. The hours vary per sim.

Virginia moves to mop other sections. +4 points.
Alisha is not amused. -2 points.

Virginia offers to wash Alisha’s plate. +1 point.

However, she’s not happy about it. -2 points.

Heather pulls out spoiled Frank n Beans from her personal inventory and complains while she eats it, then washes her bowl so nobody notices what she did. +1 point.

Doodle loves the puddles in the kitchen!

while at work, Virginia gets the chance to do this opportunity again.

Not sure if the other answer is any better!

There are 2 bathrooms but Tyler goes to take a bath in the occupied one, of course! These silly and obviously embarrassed sims !! The look says it all. “Yes, the food is spoiled but at least I don’t have to cook. Remember what happened to Alisha?”

He washes his plate. +1 point.
Tyler follows in Brooks’ lead .. eating spoiled food, reacting while she eats and washing her plate afterward. +1 point.

Darrell, Darrell, Darrell. You had uninterrupted sleep in a bed and nobody walked in on you while you peed. Why spoil things? -2 points.

Alisha puts Doodle’s toy away. +1 point.
Darrell washes the yucky food platter. +1 point.

How many sims can fit in the bathroom now?

Alisha feels the need to mop up Doodle’s mess. +1 point.
Not to be outdone, Tyler mops the mess left in the bathroom. +1 point.

Darrell grills hamburgers. +2 points.

Alisha moves indoors to continue mopping. +2 points.

Pepper is a seasoning. Using peppered words isn’t the same, Darrell. -2 points.

Light rain doesn’t bother these two!

Brooks cleans up Doodle’s doggy doo from the front yard. +1 point.
He also empties the trash can for another +1 point.
Alisha puts away a book. +1 point.

You made a choice to put away the book, Alisha. No need to be so rude! -2 points.

The sink breaks and Alisha gets caught trying to hide the fact that she did it. -4 points.

Darrell washes his plate. +1 point.
Tyler puts her book away. +1 point.
Alisha sleeps and Tyler mops up the mess she left behind. +1 point.
Tyler starts mopping the puddles in the kitchen. +2 points.

Heather washes her bowl. +1 point.
She has 4 servings left of spoiled Franks and Beans in her personal inventory!
Guess she will continue eating them until they are gone.

Brooks just became Friends with Doodle! +2 points.

Heather puts a book away. +1 point.
Brooks mops the kitchen. +2 points.

Virginia slumps to the floor. -10 points.

Brooks mops the bathroom. +1 point.

Brooks taught Tyler that bait isn’t needed for catching a Guppy.

Virginia washed Heather’s bowl. +1 point.
Heather is eating yet another bowl of spoiled Franks and Beans. Yuck!
Virginia cleans the glass Darrell used. +1 point.

When you have to go, you just go. Tyler walks past Virginia as she finishes washing the glass, then Darrell comes in to mop the floor. Getting mighty crowded in here!

Darrell mops the floor. +1 point.
Brooks mops the kitchen floor. +1 point.
He steps aside to complain about Doodle drinking the water while Darrell steps up to mop that particular puddle. +1 point.

Josephine is eating a spoiled Veggie Burger. Yuck! (no picture on file, oops!)

Addy’s Note: I am going to move the food from personal inventories to the counter.

Josephine washes her plate. +1 point.
Heather mops the kitchen floor. +2 points.

Tyler picks up a plate & the spoiled food platters, scraping them in the trash and then washing the dishes. +3 points.

Heather mops the bathroom. +1 point.

UUURRRRPPPP! This doesn’t sound good …

Heather mops the puddle in front of the front steps while it’s heavily raining. +1 point.

Brooks washes his plate after eating a hamburger. +1 point.
Tyler eats a hamburger and then washes her plate. +1 point.

Brooks and Darrell talk about fishing for Perch.56

Tyler puts Doodle’s ball away. +1 point.
Tyler puts her book away. +1 point.

The rain must make the guys think of fishing! Talk turns from Perch to Guppy.57

While at work, Alisha gets in the middle of a debate.
Some want to wear ski masks to the next heist, others want to wear clown masks.

What should Alisha do?

The answer she chose didn’t go over too well. Poor Alisha!

Tyler braves the rain to mop up a puddle by the pool. +1 point.
Then she turns her attention the the bathroom. Mop, mop. +2 points.

Darrell washes Brooks’ plate. +1 point.
Tyler mops one spot in the kitchen. +1 point.
Brooks comes over to mop too. +1 point.

Darrell puts Doodle’s ball away. +1 point.
Brooks mops another spot while Tyler supervises. +1 point.
Darrell empties the trash. +1 point.

Tyler picks up then sets down the spoiled hamburger platter to complain about the smell. Darrell comes over and collects it. He scrapes the food into the trash and washes the platter. +1 point.

Tyler goes back to mopping the kitchen. +1 point.
Then she mops the bathroom in two areas. +2 points.

Josephine wakes up focused but tense from lack of fun. That’s still no excuse. -2 points.

Day 4 Tally:
37 Brooks
35 Heather
28 Tyler
18 Darrell
15 Josephine
10 Alisha
3 Virginia

Today’s swear jar:
3x Darrell & Tyler
2x Alisha & Virginia
1x Josephine
0x Brooks & Heather

Day 3 << Free Will >> Day 5

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