AFWE: House 01, Day 3

~ Tuesday ~

Last night, Brooks plus Darrell & Tyler arrived home after their shift ended at 11 pm. Not sure why because the game showed the icon for return home but … both Darrell and Tyler walked through the house/around it and into the backyard … changed into swimsuit and sat at the edge of the pool … got up and came inside still wearing their swimsuits.

Tyler got tired of waiting for Darrell to finish in the bathroom and took a nap.

Darrell soon joined her on the other couch after discovering that Josephine was in the double bed that he wanted.

Alisha looks pretty happy! Is it because she’s heading to “troll teh forums” or because of the green stench surrounding the two napping? She knows they are going to be pretty miserable when they wake up. evil cackle

Doodle expressed a need to go so I had Heather ask him to go potty. He has learned to pee outside. HOORAY!!

Heather is Good and Alisha is Evil but they get along really well.

Doodle adds his own puddle near the trash pile.

And another “present”.

Oh my! Doodle is off exploring. Hope he can find his way home when it’s time to.

Alisha cleans up the “present”. +1 point.
She cleans up the trash pile as well. +1 point.

Heather washes her glass. +1 point.
Alisha mops up Doodle’s puddle. +1 point.
Heather puts away her book. +1 point.

Since the shower/tub is occupied (Tyler), Darrell swims laps in the hope that it will help clean some of his grunge off.

Josephine woke up really needing to pee! She told Tyler not to look and she wouldn’t either.
Addy’s Note: This is the first time acquaintances did NOT shoo the other sim out of the room!

Another first! Tyler ignores the TV and takes a nap anyway.

Josephine cleans her cereal bowl. +1 point.

Darrell makes mac n cheese. +2 points.
Tyler keeps her head down while eating her bowl of peas, determined not to let the smell of mac n cheese or Darrell’s obvious enjoyment get to her.

1st time pamper interaction isn’t interrupted by lighting! Heather gets +5 points.

Tyler washes her bowl. +1 point.
Darrell washes his plate. +1 point.
Josephine puts away her book. +1 point.

Josephine washes Brooks’ bowl. +1 point.
Turnabout is fair play. Brooks puts away Josephine’s book. +1 point.
Brooks then collected Alisha’s glass to wash. +1 point.

Brooks and Virginia ran outside to play in the rain. Both came in to get a drink of water but Brooks got there first. He was doing his playing in rain arms wide interaction inside the house and … that is when I discovered the fridge is broken.

Brooks is lucky he wasn’t electrocuted due to being wet around electricity! He gets -4 points.

Virginia decides to wait on water & mops up the puppy puddle instead. +1 point.
Brooks washes his glass. +1 point.
Heather puts her book away. +1 point.

Darrell must really like the sound of falling rain. He ignored the three available beds so he could take a nap on the back porch.

Josephine is off to work!

Virginia washes her glass. +1 point.

I was too slow on the pause button: Virginia doesn’t like the mess in the kitchen and said her piece before walking away. -2 points.

Doodle is absolutely filthy! Poor Doodle.

This doesn’t look safe but Virginia is too hungry to care. +2 points.

Darrell wakes from his nap and puts Doodle’s toy away. +1 point.
Virginia moved aside so Darrell could mop the kitchen. He gets +1 point.
Then Darrell puts away someone’s book. +1 point.
Virginia washes her plate. +1 point.

Heather starts making a pot of franks and beans on the grill. +2 points.

SOMEONE is a bit impatient waiting for Sims to answer the door!

Tyler wakes from her nap and races in front of Brooks to mop the floor. +1 point.

Heather complains about the cloudy weather.

Virginia is listening to a rumor Brant is telling her while Brooks pretends not to listen.

Wow, they really do not like Doodle barking at the door!

Heather left her bowl on the table and Virginia scooped it up to wash. +1 point.
Good intentions backfire when the kitchen sink breaks. -4 points to Virginia.

Virginia stares out into space for the longest time and then pulls out the mop. +1 point. She then tackles the puddle by the fridge. +1 point.

Tyler is feeling tense and lets the front porch know! -2 points.

Tyler then makes a garden salad. +2 points.

Virginia puts away Tyler’s book. +1 point.
Then she returns to mop the sink puddle. +1 point.
And the fridge puddle. +1 point.

Heather’s mouth is as dirty as the sink! -2 points.

4:06 pm:

Tyler washes her dish. +1 point. AND Virginia cleans the sink! +1 point.

Darrell puts away the dog toy before filling the food dish. +1 point.
Tyler mops the fridge puddle. +1 point.
Then she tackles the sink puddle. +1 point.

Brooks quickly washes his dish because Darrell has to “go” and tells him to go. +1 point.

Josephine arrives back from work and is a little hungry.

Virginia is back to mopping the kitchen puddles. +1 point.
Darrell complains about the mess but Virginia smiles & continues to mop. +1 point.

Heather pulls out another bowl from her inventory which is when we catch Brooks’ reaction while watching sports. -2 points.

Darrell makes a garden salad. +2 points.

Alisha started to make grilled cheese but a coughing spell distracted her.

Josephine grills veggie burgers. +2 points.

Tyler talked with Virginia about good fishing spots and she learned about the Cichlid.

Tyler washes her glass. +1 point.
Then she grabs the bowl from a distracted Heather (busy watching TV & socializing) and washes it. +1 point.

Darrell moves to keep Alisha company while she continues preparing her grilled cheese. +2 points.

… and then things took an unexpected turn …

Alisha set herself on fire!

Brooks and Heather stayed cool, calm & collected as they quickly grabbed fire extinguishers! +25 points for each of them.

The others found a route to safety. Some walked, some ran.


Alisha is lucky to still be standing! She gets dinged -5 for starting a fire.

Her mood is Very Tense and it’s easy to see why!

The sims are lucky and they know it! They’re also very thankful it wasn’t worse than it was.

Brooks keep an eye on Alisha as she eats Josephine’s veggie burger.

Brooks checks on Doodle and they roughhouse for a bit. Darrell works off his excess energy from the adrenaline and the gals head back inside.

Alisha is unhappy and lets everyone know. -2 points.
Addy’s Note: I feel so bad dinging her this because the fire & this caused her to lose the no. 1 spot that she has held the entire time.

Darrell and Virginia quick walk to take Alisha’s plate but Virginia manages to get there first. +1 point for Virginia.

The fire has everyone feeling a little bit tense and out of sorts. -2 points, Virginia.

The ladies head to work and Brooks is going to pet Doodle (who is hanging out near the sidewalk now).

Tyler mops. +1 point. Virginia also mops. +1 point.
Darrell puts his book away. +1 point.

Virginia finishes mopping and says a few foul words. -2 points.

Tyler wonders how they can calmly go about their business after that close call. She feels frozen to the floor.

She follows Virginia’s lead from a few moments ago to see if it helps. -2 points.

It apparently didn’t do much for Virginia either. -2 points.

Doodle finds a quiet spot to snooze.

Heather gets a work opportunity:

I rolled a die to make it a random choice and the results are in:

Virginia figures the rain should keep the grill from catching fire and slaps hamburger patties on the racks. +2 points.

Darrell washes Brooks’ bowl. +1 point.
He puts a book away. +1 point.
And another book is put away. Darrell is on a roll! +1 point.
His clean streak continues. +1 point.

“No, Doodle! That’s not helping!” says Tyler. +1 point.

I can’t imagine that drinking this puddle water is good for Doodle.

Darrell tries to relax by floating on his back.

Tyler steps outside to mop. In the rain, but hey she’s earning another point. +1 point. Then she heads back inside to continue mopping. +1 point.

Tyler mops some more. +1 point.
Then she cleans Virginia’s plate. +1 point.

Guess somebody got tired of cleaning up after others! -2 points.

Day 3 Tally:
38 Heather
24 Brooks
14 Darrell & Josephine
12 Alisha & Tyler
9 Virginia

Today’s swear jar:
4x Virginia
2x Tyler
1x Brooks, Heather
0x Alisha, Darrell, Josephine

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