AFWE: House 01, Day 14

Since it is the last day, I will have the sims who work take a vacation day so everyone has a chance to earn points.

~ Saturday ~

Brooks broke the non-funky toilet! Fortunately, he has the perk point (free from negative points!) today.

Alisha is home from work. She feels fine and doesn’t need anything right now.

Darrell washes his chip bowl. +1 point.

Heather is home from work. She’s happy (Cheerful trait) and doesn’t need anything.

4:30 am: Josephine grills baked potatoes. +2 points.

Alisha eats cheese crackers and washes her bowl. +1 point.
Then she cleans the tub. +1 point.

Alisha cleans the nasty toilet. +1 point.

Alisha mops the floor. +2 points.
Virginia washes her plate. +1 point. Also washes Josephine’s plate. +1 point.

Josephine hugs Doodle. +4 points.
Virginia washes Brooks’ plate. +1 point.

Heather answers the door and discovers that Brooks ordered pizza!

Have y’all ever noticed the octopus on the box ?

Pizza Delivery Specialist Khaled Mandir is an interesting looking Sim.

Oh, no! Josephine is a genius and I didn’t give her a chess table. I feel bad for her getting tense due to being unchallenged and getting -2 points.

Virginia gets +1 for washing dishes but walked in on Heather to do it so gets a -1 point, which makes this a wash.

Umm .. Josephine .. you were supposed to tip the pizza guy and he’d be on his way to his next customer.

Khaled collected the $25 for the pizza and then left without waiting for a tip.

Josephine washes her cocktail glass. +1 point.
Then she cleans someone’s plate. +1 point.
And then washes someone’s glass. +1 point.

Brooks reaches L3 in Dancing skill. +1 point.
He celebrates by brushing Doodle. +1 point.

A flirty Tyler left the house to go chat with Caleb.

1st sim to leave the house on her own with it not being work-related.

Virginia washes her plate. +1 point.
Josephine peeked a book and then put it away. +1 point.

Josephine decides to talk to Tyler who happens to be using the toilet. -1 point.

Yum! Sooo good!

Josephine washes a plate. +1 point.
Darrell washes two plates. +2 points.
Tyler washes a plate. +1 point.

Josephine’s newest work of art: small Classic painting.

Darrell reaches L2 in Dancing skill. +1 point.
Alisha washes her plate after eating pizza. +1 point.
Tyler puts a book away. +1 point.

Tyler cleans up after Doodle. +1 point. It makes her tense. She shouts forbidden words. -2 points.

Virginia washes 2 plates. +2 points.
Alisha washes her glass. +1 point.
Tyler cleans up the leftover pizza. +1 point.

Josephine broke the fridge. -4 points.
Darrell mops the floor. +1 point.
Alisha washes a glass. +1 point.

Tyler wanted to wash a glass but walked in on Darrell while he was in the bath. -1 point.

Heather read for a little bit and then put the book away. +1 point.
Alisha washes a glass. +1 point.

Ok, so you don’t care for her music but that’s just downright rude, Heather! -2 points.

Tough crowd tonight! -2 points.

Alisha and Heather hug. +4 points to both Sims.

The Challenge has ended!!!!

Final Tally:
1st Place with 145 points … Brooks
2nd Place with 101 points … Alisha
3rd Place with 97 points … Darrell
4th Place with 91 points … Josephine
5th Place with 74 points … Tyler
6th Place with 63 points … Virginia
7th Place with 46 points … Heather

Shout forbidden words Tally:
11x Tyler and Virginia
10x Alisha and Darrell
8x Josephine
5x Heather
3x Brooks

Day 13 << Free Will >> THE END

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