AFWE: House 01, Day 13

~ Friday ~

Brooks finished mopping around 1:47 am. Adding +2 points since he mopped two more puddles before calling it quits.

Alisha is home from work. She’s feeling uncomfortable (filthy, tired) and could also use a little fun.

Josephine made a Pop Art painting before seeking a bed.

Heather is home from work. She’s tense (desperate for fun, grungy) and could also eat.

Tyler makes a faux BLT. +2 points

4:30 am: Anybody want a tofu dog? Brooks is manning the grill. +2 points.

Miracles do happen! First time any used this like I wanted/hoped they would.

Tyler washes her plate. +1 point.
She accidentally walks in on Brooks because she needs to go real bad and he insisted on taking a bubble bath. -1 point. Then she ignores the 2nd bathroom and walks in on Brooks again. -1 point.

Who are you kidding, Tyler? You are such a pervy girl, aren’t you?!

Virginia puts away 4 books. +4 points.
Darrell washes his plate. +1 point.

Virginia takes the dishes to the bathroom instead of the kitchen sink. I guess she’s giving Tyler a taste of her own medicine. -1 point.

Oh, before I forget … repairs cost $122

Heather dances to kids radio and reaches L2 Dancing skill. +1 point.

Brooks took a BUBBLE BATH and blocked a bathroom after repairs were done.
Josephine took a BUBBLE BATH and blocked the 2nd bathroom at the same time.

Also, a little later, Tyler takes a NAP IN THE TUB and blocked a bathroom.

Darrell is swimming laps in the pool and reaches L2 in Fitness skill. +1 point.

More added to WALL OF SHAME !
Alisha takes a BATH in one bathroom and Heather takes a BUBBLE BATH in the other, both bathrooms are blocked. Again.

Virginia washes two plates. +2 points.
Alisha feels guilty for hogging the tub so quickly washes two plates. +2 points.

Alisha is no longer Friends with Doodle. They’re Acquaintances now. -3 points.

Virginia washes Heather’s plate. +1 point.

Both Shower/Tub units need cleaning and one toilet is really gross!

Virginia mops up the puddles in both bathrooms and by the kitchen sink. +7 points.

She is cleaning with vigor! +1 point.

Virginia is uncomfortable because of unpleasant surroundings. Hmm .. I wonder why.

Josephine got a promotion! +8 points.

Josephine is uncomfortable (exhausted: pass out in 0 minutes!) but is otherwise doing well.

Heather washes the spoiled plates that were left outside. +3 points.

Tyler is home from work. She’s uncomfortable because she’s tired.

Josephine used the nasty looking toilet. Ewww. She also broke it. -4 points.

Went ahead and called for repairs. Everyone takes -3 points.
Repair cost: $111

Brooks is home from work. Like others, uncomfortable because he’s tired.

Tyler taught Virginia how to identify Goldfish.
Addy’s Note: Did you know that identifying fish this way counts as if the Sim had caught them? It does. just take a look at their Collection.

Toilet gets fixed. Still nasty. Now .. Tyler uses it. Ewww. There IS a 2nd bathroom, ladies!!

11 pm: Darrell is home from work. Uncomfortable (tired). Seems familiar.

Virginia reaches L2 in Dancing skill. +1 point.

Day 13 Tally:
143 Brooks
92 Darrell
90 Alisha
87 Josephine
73 Tyler
57 Virginia
43 Heather

No forbidden words were shouted today.

Day 12 << Free Will >> Day 14

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