AFWE: House 01, Day 12

~ Thursday ~

Recap of what is BROKEN
Living/Dining/Kitchen: radio, tv, computer and kitchen sink
Bathroom 1: Shower/Tub and both sinks
Bathroom 2: Shower/Tub

Alisha is home from work. She’s feeling uncomfortable because she’s filthy and could also use some fun.

Darrell washes his glass. +1 point.

Heather gets another work opportunity that’s already been done. Both choices lead to a small performance loss so it honestly does NOT matter which I pick.

Or so I thought ..
Without thinking, I just pressed one and planned to move along but .. the response was different this time.

Poor Josephine. She’s grungy and petted a dirty dog (with no relief in sight). She also needs some fun but saying rude things isn’t anybody’s idea of fun! -2 points.

4 am: Heather is home from work. She’s feeling fine but could do with some food, fun and sleep. Order doesn’t matter.

Brooks put away a book that was left on the coffee table. +1 point.
He then washes someone’s glass that was also left on the coffee table. +1 point.

A filthy Josephine (dirty clothes/body and a green cloud) empties the trash. +1 point.

Tyler reaches L3 in Guitar skill. She can now Play Blues Songs. +1 point.

It is TV Season Premiere Day! Too bad their one set is BROKEN

Josephine learns the Fitness skill while doing mind concentrating yoga. +1 point.

Virginia makes a grilled cheese sandwich. +2 points.

Brooks makes a garden salad. +2 points.

Darrell is a mopping machine! He mopped both bathrooms, the kitchen and out by the pool !! +13 points.

Not that it matters with all the broken plumbing.

Brooks washes his bowl. +1 point.

Josephine finishes a painting on the 2nd easel, the 1st one has been long forgotten.

Virginia gets the same opportunity she always gets! I picked one, saw the response was no different and moved along.

Heather finishes eating Virginia’s grilled cheese sandwich & washes her plate. +1 point.

Alisha washes her cereal bowl. +1 point.

A filthy Darrell cooks eggs and toast after using the toilet without washing his hands. Ewww. +2 points.

Josephine reaches L2 Fitness skill while swimming laps in the pool. +1 point.

She treads water to chat with Alisha and somehow manages to learn the Singing skill. +1 point.

It might be that she was “Singing about TV Season Premiere” & I just missed catching it.

Tyler makes a faux BLT. +2 points.

Alisha shapes the bonsai plant and learns both Gardening skill and Flower Arranging skills. +2 points.

Darrell washes his plate. +1 point.
He also washes Josephine’s plate. +1 point.

Brooks reaches L3 Fitness skill by swimming energized laps in the pool. +1 point.

Virginia is home from work. She’s feeling uncomfortable because she’s grungy.

Josephine washes her hands after using the toilet and the sinks breaks! -4 points.

An energized Alisha stretches after her nap and achieves L3 fitness skill. +1 point.

Brooks eats the partial faux BLT that Tyler made and washes the plate. +1 point.

Alisha reads a book and gains the Fishing skill. +1 point.
Brooks puts away Alisha’s book. +1 point.

There is a CAT inside the house! It let itself in and is wanting food.

Virginia reaches L2 Fitness while swimming laps in the pool. +1 point.

Taz the cat doesn’t seem to care for Doodle coming over to the food bowl.

Virginia puts two books away. +2 points.
Ewww … Taz has a green cloud because he was sprayed by a skunk!

Heather manages to mop one puddle before having to leave for work. +1 point.

Alisha has snatched valuables and is about to run from a burning building, when she sees a cat in an upstairs window. Help the kitten or leave it are her choices.


Here’s a few pictures to give y’all an idea of what the bathrooms look like. Continually!

Virginia makes a faux BLT. +2 points.

Heather is approached by a detective who wants her to become an informant.

She calls his bluff and continues on her way. A bit shaken, but more determined than ever to do as she’s been doing.

Josephine reaches L5 Painting skill while painting a small Pop Art painting. +2 points.

It’s unanimous! This house has a certain reputation! Even visitors, welcome or unwelcome, notice the “unwritten rule” …

Virginia washes her plate. +1 point.

Brooks has been mopping even more than Darrell did. Back and forth between bathroom, kitchen, bathroom, pool and on & on. +23 points.
He’s still mopping into the next morning but I am calling an end to Day 12

Day 12 Tally:
142 Brooks
94 Alisha
93 Darrell
86 Josephine
72 Tyler
45 Virginia
42 Heather

Josephine was the only one to shout a forbidden word today.

Day 11 << Free Will >> Day 13

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