AFWE: House 01, Day 10

WARNING: picture heavy!

~ Tuesday ~

Heather washes her plate. +1 point.
Alisha collects Tyler’s plate to wash with her glass. +2 points.

Alisha makes scrambled eggs with bacon. +2 points.

Heather cleans the counter. +1 point.

I don’t know how Brooks does it! Sleeping while Alisha & Darrell chat nearby after they’ve turned on all the lights. If it was me, angry Addy would be saying a few things to them!

Heather puts away the book Darrell set down. +1 point.
Then she mops the bathroom floor. +3 points.
She also washes Alisha’s plate. +1 point.

Then proceeds to break the sink. -4 points, Heather.

Tyler tries reading Logic Volume 3 but found it to be above her head & puts the book away. +1 point.

Virginia gains the wellness skill by doing a brain boosting yoga routine. +1 point.

Heather tried to read but the broken objects make it uncomfortable so she put the book away. +1 point.

Virginia starts to mop like mad! +1 point. Then steps aside so Heather can mop, too. +1 point.

Brooks tried to read Piano Volume I but put it away after a few minutes. +1 point.

Virginia once again tries to mop like mad! +1 point. AND again steps aside so Heather can mop the other puddle. +1 point.

Behold the power of cheese! Josephine cooks a grilled cheese sandwich. +2 points. Reaches L2 in Cooking. +1 point.

Alisha mops the bathroom floor. +2 points.

Brooks grills fruit. +2 points. Reaches L2 in Cooking. +1 point.
Addy’s Note: He does NOT use the nearby table. Food goes into his inventory.

Alisha attempted to read Herbalism Volume II but it was over her head so she put the book away. +1 point.

Alisha mops the small puddle in the bathroom. +1 point.
Virginia washes hers and Josephine’s plates. +2 points.

Alisha reads and gains the Parenting skill. +1 point.
Alisha washes Brooks’ plate. +1 point.

Virginia mops like mad! Manages to mop both puddles before Alisha can claim any. +2 points.

Virginia then puts away Alisha’s book. +1 point.

9:46 am: Virginia just wants to chat but Alisha decides to yell at her instead.

Alisha mops the bathroom again. +2 points.

It seems like Brooks’ poor guitar skill upset Music Lover, Darrell. -2 points.

TODAY is Geek Con!

They get invited to go!

Sims disperse in different directions!

Alisha steps up to the mic and does karaoke! Gains Singing skill. +1 point.

Brooks heads in to watch her perform.

Darrell immediately begins playing Blicblock.

Heather & Tyler order food from Paxton Yeager.

Virginia is surprised! She did “Use & ?” and got more than she bargained for!

Tyler looks like she wishes she had cosplayed!

Darrell reaches L2 Video Gaming. +1 point.

Alisha finished karaoke and then kicked a can. -2 points (1 for can & 1 for trash on ground).

Darrell chats with someone online and Heather chats with Tammy & Bjorn who are seated nearby.

Tyler chats with Brant while finishing her burger.

The others continue to stay inside where it’s shady and cool.

Tyler joins Brant at Blicblock.

Brooks tries his hand at karaoke. Gains the Singing skill. +1 point.

Virginia is glad she isn’t the only one stopped by the talking toilet!

Heather joins the others for a chat while Brooks entertains them with various songs.

Brooks picks up the garbage can but LEAVES the trash behind so he could chat with Virginia. +1 point.

Tyler has to see for herself what all the fuss is about.

Heather grabs the mic and gains the Singing skill. +1 point.

Darrell reaches L3 in Video Gaming while playing Blicblock. +1 point.

Darrell is talking to a cosplayer who looks familiar somehow …

Need a hint? Seen during another season.

Still don’t know? Clement Frost aka Father Winter.

Waste not, want not. Darrell sees an unguarded tofu dog and makes it his.

Brooks talks to Virginia and gains the Charisma skill. +1 point.
Alisha returns to the mic and reaches L2 Singing. +1 point.

Look at Judith Ward!

Darrell isn’t the only one eating a tofu dog.

Who knew that Marcus Flex was so multi-talented?

ALL the girls at the festival checked out the potty mouth, lol

Oh, thank goodness. It’s Ulrike Faust … I had to be sure it wasn’t one of mine dropping to the ground.

Geek Con ends and everybody heads home …

Josephine got a promotion! +8 points.

She’s out back grilling veggie burgers. +2 points.

Then she cleans the grill. +4 points.

An energized Heather does sit ups and reaches L2 Fitness skill. +1 point.
Heather mops like mad! +1 point but steps aside so Darrell can mop as well. +1 point.

Darrell needs two levels in the Mixology skill to get a promotion. He gains the Mixology skill and is partway there. +1 point.

Tyler gets the chance of a lifetime!

Tyler chose to call her shot!

Tyler gets promoted and has to decide on a branch!

The choice was easy after I took a look at her Aspiration and initial skills from story CAS mode. +8 points.

Heather mops like mad! +2 points.
Josephine washes her plate. +1 point.

Josephine pulled out a book on Flower Arranging but it didn’t hold her interest so she put it back. +1 point.

Josephine tries her hand at shaping the bonsai plant. Gains Gardening skill and Flower Arranging skill. +2 points.

Getting splashed by Doodle made Darrell angry! Being angry made Darrell say some rather rude things! -2 points.

Darrell washes his cocktail glass. +1 point.
Then he mops the bathroom floor. +4 points.

Brooks is home from work. He’s uncomfortable because he had a stressful workday and is exhausted (pass out in 0 minutes!) .. oh, dear!

Tyler is home from work. She’s uncomfortable because she’s exhausted (pass out in 57 minutes!) but getting a promotion keeps her from feeling worse.

Darrell washes the cocktail glass from the drink Brant made before he had to leave. +1 point.

Tyler drops to the floor before Brooks does. -10 points.

Brooks drops to the couch for a nap and hopes that it will be enough to keep him going.

Darrell mops the bathroom floor. +3 points.

Alisha and Heather are at work.
Josephine and Virginia are sleeping in the single beds.
Brooks and Tyler are napping on the couches.
Darrell has it pretty good …

Day 10 Tally:
95 Brooks
87 Alisha
81 Josephine
68 Tyler
46 Darrell
36 Heather
35 Virginia

Darrell had two outbursts today.

Day 9 << Free Will >> Day 11

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