A Letter to Our Community

I understand that not all Simmers will be thrilled by a pack that comes out. Packs are not one-size-fits-all because players have a variety of interests which might not align with what is developed. But … the amount of toxic comments … hateful words … verbal attacks against the SG team and players who are enthusiastic about this pack is more than uncalled for. How is this supposed to resolve anything?

I am not a huge Star Wars fan but would never put down another for wanting to get the pack. Nor would I jump on the SG team with demands to fix xyz instead of putting out a pack that nobody wants. Really? Nobody wants? I have seen many posts showing enthusiasm and excitement for this very pack. Some Simmers act like entitled, spoiled brats with their temper tantrums.

This sheds poor light on them as well as the rest of us in this Community. It leaves a sour taste in mouths. Developers who love what they do have to defend (or stay silent if they cannot be polite/or are required to as part of their job) choices they did not necessarily have a say in. How many of us in the workforce get to tell our boss that we would prefer to do abc project instead of what we are given?

How many Simmers work in jobs where they deal directly with the public? When customers come in and make loud, ugly demands the employees do what they can to make things right while keeping their cool.

How many Simmers are the customer who go after the poor cashier or employee working the customer help desk? Take out their frustrations on the waitress for food prepared by the chef and staff?

Players and EA Game Changers are having to defend themselves for liking/wanting this pack. People are not cut from the same cookie cutter mold and will not always like the same things. Being different is good and we humans enjoy our differences when it suits us.

When pack priorities go in a direction players do not desire, they can either not buy the pack or wait for it to go on sale if they like to complete collections (like I do!). There is this thing called choice. Buy or do not buy is your choice and yours alone. No need to form hunting packs and try to bully others into thinking like you do.

Are there things you are passionate about and want to see in this game? Great! Find a positive, engaging way to connect with the team and share your ideas.

Do NOT jump on their streams or videos for pack teasers and list your game demands.

Littering their twitter posts with negativity is not getting to get your message across … unless upsetting people on both sides is your message … anger has a way of derailing true conversation between people.

Think before you speak. Treat others the way you deserve to be treated. While it is nice to be important, it is important to be nice. A monologue might/might not do the same. Make sure to listen more than talk.

Be part of the conversation, not a distraction or interruption because this is how conversations continue to flow and all parties benefit.


Addy (as many of you know this is a nickname that evolved from my member name: ADWilson)

PS. The above opinion is in no way meant to diminish or take away from honest, needed conversations regarding things like diversity in skin tones or fixing game bugs. Those conversations are important because they make the game more playable and enjoyed by many in Our Community.

12 thoughts on “A Letter to Our Community

      1. Hello, twin! lol

        I was writing to a friend in the early hours and this gets plopped in the middle of it (she’ll forgive me for such a lengthy and thought-provoking message, I’m sure!) … I don’t know about you but the wee hours is when I write and think deep thoughts such as these without knowing where it will lead me. My muse speaks and I follow the trail. ❤️

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  1. Addy! Thank you! ❤️ A voice of reason. Spoiled and entitled is right! People are different and have different likes and wants. It makes us individuals. I like coffee, and some like tea. I don’t disparage others for not liking coffee. I’m just happy they have tea to enjoy! I hope those that wanted the pack enjoy it.

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! MUCH appreciated. ❤️

      Your wording is spot on. These different likes and wants make us shine in our own special way. Sure we like having things in common but those differences help us learn new-to-us things, too.

      I prefer tea to coffee (love the smell, not the taste) and say to each their own. One isn’t better than another, it is just better for me. I don’t speak for the masses … I speak for me. It would be sheer arrogance to speak for others and say what is liked/not liked.

      Like you, I wish those who buy the pack as soon as it is available, enjoy it to its fullest and has fun building … playing … whatever way they do the Sims.

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  2. I don’t play the Sims but if I did then the Star Wars pack would be right up my alley.

    This reminds me of the in fighting over Sims 3 and Sims 4 which I guess still has not healed. Really sad to see. I play games to get away from BS like this.

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    1. I think you would enjoy Journey to Batuu but I have no plans on getting it so you could play MY Sim game, lol

      I agree, it’s really sad to see. I’m not usually in an area where I experience the divide but sometimes it finds its way to me over on social media. I wish people would realize that while everyone has a right to an opinion, if one’s opinion is more negative than positive then the Sims franchise is no longer the right fit for them and they need to break the relationship off as it isn’t doing them or others any favors.


    1. Thank YOU!

      I also wish it was better. Shame that something that brings us together (a common interest) can divide us in ways none of us expected when we first joined the Sims Community!


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