100 Point Challenge: House Rules

Leisure Days
To keep things random, a die is rolled to see where the contestants will go on their day off.

1. Oasis Springs
2. Willow Creek
3. Windenberg
4. San Myshuno
5. Brindleton Bay
6. Staycation or Vacation

Each location has a list of allowed places or activities (included below).
Once location has been decided, places/activities will be randomly picked.

Oasis Springs
Bar – Rattlesnake Juice
Lounge – The Solar Flare (note: has mic)
Museum – The Futures Past (note: easel on 2nd floor)
Park – Desert Bloom

Willow Creek
Museum – Municipal Muses
Nightclub – The Blue Velvet (note: has mic)
Park – Magnolia Blossom

Bar – Old Quarter Inn
Bar – The Shrieking Llama
Cafe – Hare and Hedgehog
Cafe – South Square Coffee (note: has computer)
Chalet Gardens – Von Haunt Estate
Island Bluff – The Bluffs
Nightclub – Discotheque Pan Europa
Nightclub – The Narwhal Arms
Park – Hare Square (note: small lot)
Pool = Bathe de Rill

San Myshuno
Karaoke – Planet Honey Pop!
Karaoke – Waterside Warble
Lounge – Stargazer Lounge
Museum – Casbah Gallery (note: easels on 2nd floor)
Park – Myshuno Meadows

Brindleton Bay
Bar – Salty Paws Saloon
Lounge – Club Calico (note: has mic)
Museum – Deadgrass Discoveries (note: has computer and easel on 2nd floor)
Park – Pupperstone Park

Staycation Activities
Throw a House Party

Vacation (Granite Falls)
Contestants will stay at the newly remodeled Lakeside Retreat.
Activities are limited so they can do whatever they’d like.

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