House 02: Day 7

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TODAY is a holiday! Neighborhood Brawl. Marc is not keen on the idea but will give it a go should the opportunity present itself.

He heads off to work before he’s able to do anything about his garden. He’s pretty sure there is a quote somewhere about a gardener having no time to care for their own garden!

Marc found his groove while at work and finished his task earlier than expected. Now he has to decide what to do with his free time.

He opts to listen to music. Marc starts listening to music and without thinking about it starts singing aloud. His co-workers join in and they all have a great bonding experience. By doing this, he gains a small performance gain. Good one, Marc!

It’s a good thing Marc is at work because …
Mike is skipping school!

A few hours later …

The workday is done. Marc has been promoted to Leaf-Cutter! This uniform is worse than the last one and he would like to get his hands on whoever designed it!

He quickly changes out of his uniform before tending bees & keeps an eye on the stray that seems to be flea-ridden. Marc wishes he could give her a flea bath! After filling the bowls, he decides to celebrate his promotion by ordering a cheese pizza for himself.

While waiting, Marc takes a look around the block and sees someone off in the distance. A female gardener! A female ELDER gardener. Nothing against Ms Leyva, but Marc needs to partner with someone who can have children.

Ms Anand passes by and Marc introduces himself. Sigh. Yet another lovely lady who is unable (ineligible!) to catch his fancy.

And … pizza is a GO!!! Marc is so excited to see and smell all that cheesy goodness that he doesn’t immediately notice that the delivery guy is a GUY.

Marc: “Wait just one moment! It took three calls to get pizza?! One should have been enough!”
Pizza guy: “Sorry about that. Management has been pushing the Cheese Special lately. We’re cool, right?”

Marc heads inside and grabs a slice while the pizza guy helps himself to some salad. Marc can’t complain … he did take out his frustration on the delivery guy after all (aka Neighborhood Brawl Day!) and wasn’t charged for the inconvenience (FREE pizza for the win!!).

The stray cats also seem to be honoring the holiday “tradition”.

Pizza craving has been satisfied. Yum! Marc then finds himself drawn to a small cat with distinctive markings and starts working on getting to know the little fellow.

knock knock
Mike dropped by and the two brothers share their special handshake.

Marc can’t get over how big his little brother has grown and quickly grabs a selfie of the two of them.

After a brief but pleasant conversation, Mike heads home.

Time to tackle the weeds. Marc gets stung before he can get started. OUCH! He quickly changes into the beekeeper outfit and takes a look at what has the bees in a buzz. Mites! Thankfully, this is an easy thing to fix.

Pizza ordered, check. Bees soothed, check. Time to check out the neighborhood one more time.

Strike one. Strike two. Strike three. Marc might be down on his luck with finding someone today but he is not out of the game yet.

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He heads home and gets an idea (hire a gardener!) that he immediately puts into motion. Gardeners United will send someone out on Monday morning.

Marc takes cares of a few household chores before turning in for the night.

Marc is doing pretty well. He earned a promotion and received a sweet bonus of $500! That along with collecting/harvesting and breeding frogs garnered him enough income to add a kitchen sink and get rid of the outdoor shower. He’s not sure which he likes better: washing dishes without having to take them to the bathroom sink or having a tub/shower combo.

Marc’s story continues in Day 8