House 02: Day 52

Day 52 (Tuesday)

Marc doesn’t mind Ghost Aicha haunting things she can’t break.
She watches him upgrading items and decides to give him something to fix.

Marc prepares Pasta Primavera before heading upstairs.
Ainsley chats with her mom while her sister plays Blicblock.

Aimee tends garden before the girls head to school.

Ainsley needs to to decide whether to go all out on a presentation or not.

She goes for it! The teacher loves it but her classmates do not.

Kirk seems a bit perplexed by a garden that doesn’t need anything done.

Happy Birthday L.!
A/N: Am a bit sad she won’t be giving Nash a sibling unless they adopt

The school day is over.
Aimee desperately needs some fun and Ainsley wants to get over her embarrassment.

Marc finishes the last upgrade! Everything has been fully upgraded.

Aimee listens to music while Ainsley ducks her head and focuses on homework.


Marc plays chess with Ainsley and Aimee heads off to bed.
Ainsley needs a L3 skill in order to earn the elusive A grade and since TOMORROW is their birthday, this is her last chance.
A/N: He influenced her to play over the course of several days but she kept quitting to go and do something else. He had to play the game with her (several times!) in order for her to gain the needed level. Silly Sim!

Marc ordered the last of the upgrade parts, made pasta and paid the gardener.

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