House 01: Day 54

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Day 54 (Thursday)

The boys wake up like many sims do … not with an alarm clock but answering the call of nature.

Daisy joins them and is pleased to see Marc working on extra credit without being asked to. Mike would rather dance or watch TV so Daisy engages him in a game of chess with the hopes of awakening his interest in something a bit more mentally challenging.

Marc grills tofu dogs before changing and heading off to school. Mike eventually does the same.

Daisy checks in with her boss with the intent of updating him on progress but instead … sits there clenching her teeth behind a polite smile when he informs her that it must be a coincidence that the crime rate is down.

She exits his office as soon as possible and heads over to double check the case board before issuing an APB. “Coincidence indeed! Hah!”, Daisy quietly fumes under her breath, “I’d like to coincidence his backside with my size sevens!”

Daisy has all the information she needs to head out and apprehend the suspect.

Daisy arrives at Hare Square in Windenburg and sees a likely suspect. She invites Ira Acharya back to the station for further questioning.

After processing Ms Acharya in the booking station, Daisy leads her to an empty interview room. She tells Daisy, “I’ll be glad to answer your questions but I really don’t see how I can be of any assistance since I know nothing of the matter at all.”

Daisy smiles and her response of “We’ll know soon enough what you do know.” causes Ms Acharya’s carefree smile to slip a little.

Eventually her assertions of innocence falter when the evidence is placed in front of her and Ms Acharya sighs before giving a full confession.

Case closed!

… and just in time, too.

Fatima is finishing up in the garden so Daisy thanks her before heading inside to offer homework assistance.

Homework. Dinner. A little entertainment. Not much happens before it’s once again time for Daisy to say goodnight to her boys.

Their skills are coming along nicely:

Daisy walks around the house, turning off lights before heading to bed. The quiet is quite relaxing and she expects to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Daisy is earning a tidy little salary now and doesn’t need of the income from her garden any more. Perhaps I should consider adding those items to the chest upstairs.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 55