Season 1: Day 6

Previous Day: Thursday


Light rain is a perfect time for sleeping in.

A little before noon, Otis wakes up and then Quinton and Erick.

The contestants are pleased to see additional counters in the kitchen area and a grill upstairs, placed near the indoor picnic tables.

Kelsie observes Erick eating which apparently gives her an idea that soon spreads to several others.

Poor Otis is probably going to find crumbs in his bed and wonder where they came from!

The beds are nice, but other sims prefer not having to worry about food sliding around their plates.

Erick seems to have settled into a routine of sorts.

Others have their own way of doing the waiting game.

Meals are done. Time to head to the challenge room!

What hurdle will our eight contestants have to leap over today?

The fourth challenge is …
They’ve done this one before so are familiar with the requirement to win.

6:13 PM
On your mark! Get set! Go!

With determined attitude written across their faces, our contestants get in their zone both mentally and physically.

Around the 6:45 PM mark, Greta begins chatting with Erick.

Kelsie calls it quits a half-hour later. She’s smiling as she steps away from the machine so it could be read as relief that she’s done or relief at not being stuck between those two chatterboxes any longer.

On Kelsie’s heels is Quinton, ending his run a few minutes later.

Otis steps off his machine, quickly followed by Jermaine who calls out that he’s done.

The sweaty stench isn’t sitting too well with Mikaela and breaks her concentration. Brittani doesn’t feel the burn any longer and thinks being elsewhere would be more fun.

It’s now down to Erick or Greta for the win.

Who will have had enough and decide to stop?
Who will persevere and come out on top?

While they’re “battling it out” …

Let’s take a look around and see what the other contestants are up to.

Greta begins another conversation but Erick just isn’t feeling it.

And … Greta is the winner this time! She earns 10 points.

Nice to know the competition isn’t preventing friendships from forming.

Erick cleans up before turning in but others aren’t ready for bed yet.

Things start getting silly as the evening goes on.

Around 11:20, Kelsie begins making faces with Otis before leading into a funny story.
(For her funny story, the thought bubbles are ball and chain, broken chains, megaphone. We could certainly have fun trying to figure out what she said!)

Perhaps the TV show inspired more to crack jokes and share funny stories.

Midnight snacking is fashionably late. These sims enjoy their late-night nosh in the hour between 1:15 and 2:15 AM.

Several head to bed while others think a quick snooze is enough.

Early to bed, early to rise is certainly true in Erick’s case. He wakes at 2:20 and heads upstairs (after a shower) to mix a Juice on the Rocks. He enjoys his drink while listening to the mix, Summer Strut.

It’s almost 8 AM so time to check on the contestants before calling an end to Day 6.
(Some of them are NOT going to do well during tomorrow’s challenge!!).

Day 6 Tally

Points Earned:
Erick 20
Mikaela 10
Greta 10

Will late nights catch up with the contestants or will they find their second wind? Stay tuned …
Day 7

7 thoughts on “Season 1: Day 6

    1. Greta is fun to watch! She might be an evil sim but balances it by cleaning as much as neatnik Brittani does.

      I have a favorite but also like a couple of others (listed in no particular order) so will simply root for ALL of them, lol:
      Female: Kelsie or Greta
      Male: Quinton or Otis

      Liked by 1 person

  1. gww3

    Great, now they will get bugs in their beds. Good luck sleeping now. LOL
    Now that is a TV!
    I think Greta won by annoying everyone else until they quit. Could be a good strategy but may backfire eventually.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bedbugs would be an interesting game mechanic but it’s probably a good thing we don’t have those.

      Yes, it is! Don’t go getting any ideas there.

      She probably did. Not sure if this had anything to do with it but cheerful and evil is an interesting trait combo to play. You’re most likely right in this plan of hers backfiring at some point.


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