Pete: Day 14

Week 2, Day 7

Two out of three ain’t bad, Pete.

Whoa, that was close!

Pete learns that The Leprechaun is a hot look this spring.

He notices that “Mister Kleptomaniac” is back and keeps a close eye on him.
He buys a pet toybox and is on his way.
“Thank you for stopping by. Have a good day!”

Pete closes the store as soon as all items have been sold. It took 10 hours to sell everything even though the image below shows otherwise.

Sales Breakdown
1 Bag of Cat Food
1 Food Bowl
1 Litter Box
1 Neon Sign
1 Small Pet Bed
1 Large Pet Bed
1 Scratching Post
1 Cat Tree DeBox
1 Toybox

Price Markup: 5%

He notices a Sim weeding his garden and steps outside to thank him but lightning makes Pete quickly conclude his words of appreciation so he can head back indoors.

Pete’s phone buzzes, letting him know he has email.
His application has been approved!
(A/N: Pete will foster stray animals and find forever homes for them each Friday. I want a small adoption center to be added onto the pet store but until this is built, he will be limited to 1-2 animals per week.)

He stops to cuddle a cute stray and decides on the spot to foster this one.

Unfortunately, Simon is ill and in need of veterinary services.
Pete ignores the mess left by the Delgato cat and comforts his feline friend.
Dr. Kali Odom will soon get to the bottom of what’s ailing him.

Oh no! Simon has Frozen Mange and needs treatment.
(A/N: I looked it up after getting this diagnosis and since it’s a medium difficulty disease, I opted to pay for the more expensive treatment.)

Simon sits still and didn’t react when the veterinarian gives him an injection.

Pete praises him and follows it with a treat. “Good job, Simon!”

Later that evening, the vet calls to check on Simon.

“He’s doing well and is busy acclimating himself with his new environment. Thank you for calling, doctor.”

The store was expanded to make room for new inventory that will be sold at a later date. The bathroom & shower room needed to be moved and the “office” space changed a bit, too.

The new inventory should sell well once it gets into rotation.

While Pete is sleeping, Simon explores inside and outside.

This is the second Sim to stand outside the store, eating spoiled food. Gross!
Simon is feeling a bit territorial and tells Akira Kibo to get off his sidewalk.

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10 thoughts on “Pete: Day 14

  1. I really enjoyed this one and I can’t believe the kelpto keeps coming back, Pete gets them in and out fast! Pete running back into the store after the lighten strike close to him made me chuckle, because I have done the same thing before in RL! Simon was discussed by him eating spoiled food and knew he was up to know good I’m sure! Love the new items Pete added to the store, and the expansion is wonderful and lovely! I think Pete will enjoy the more room!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading, dear Bree!

      I guess the secret klepto society has a challenge out for their members to take something from Pete’s Place, lol

      Am so glad Pete wasn’t struck … it was so close!

      Simon is super cute even when he’s being bad.

      Thanks! Am loving the colors and the way the store turned out. I could easily see myself working at such a place.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lusie Dageraad

    I’m glad that loveday was not bad!

    That sure was close. A shame the thunderstorm didn’t left him a gift. Though it’s not like it fits his store… I’m glad he didn’t get hur when he went outside.

    I love the idea of an adoption center for pets! There are lots of strays so he will make many people happy.

    Congrats on adopting Simon. He’s very cute. Sorry to see he is ill.

    How lovely he had enough money to expand the store. Looks good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s still hope for Pete finding a ticket aboard the love boat, lol

      I wouldn’t have minded the storm leaving gifts because those could be sold as is.

      Thanks! I might try to run an adoption center on its own at some point since I do enjoy rescuing the strays.

      Simon is cute & fun to watch. It’s a shame he was ill when Pete adopted him but thankfully, there was plenty of money to cure him.

      Thanks! This shop was fun to make.


  3. Lourdes Cabrera

    Great chapter, very interesting string of events.. First you have someone saying Leprechaun outfits are fashionable, LOL! Pete gets Mr. Klepto to buy another item, good for Pete! Has someone weed his garden for free, and almost gets hit by lightning!

    Pete really does care deeply for his new kitty, even having with having to scrimp and save for a new home he still chooses the more expensive treatment option for his pet at the vet! The store looks great with all the improvements! I wonder if Akira has the glutten trait.. It seems some Sims don’t mind rotten food, but it is gross..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU for reading & commenting! ❤
      There’s always something going on which keeps things interesting. Am glad nobody got struck by the lightning!

      Simon is adorable! I seem to spend a lot of time watching him, LOL Thank you, I think the store looks great too! I looked it up and Akira does not have the glutton trait which makes it interesting that he would grab spoiled food. I agree, it is gross.

      Liked by 1 person

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