Pete: Day 13

Week 2, Day 6

TODAY is a holiday:

Pete needs to show romantic spirit, give flowers and go on a date.
Good Luck, Pete!

Looks like he is going to need more than mere luck today.
It’s after midnight and poor Pete is about to drop from exhaustion.
He also desperately needs a bit of fun.

A sleep replacement potion should help!
(A/N: Since he needs to open the store as well as do self-care, I have him use points on this and delay getting the Incredibly Friendly reward trait.)

He does dishes, reads a book and fills food bowls for the stray animals.
It’s time to open the store but he’s not sure how sales will do on a day like this!

9 am: The store is busy but there is only one customer. The rest probably stopped by with the hopes of staying dry.

Pete’s store is for those who love pets but today it’s also a place of love in general. Pete smiles when he sees Ekram and Eleanore Elderberry giving flowers to each other.

He doesn’t smile when Reyansh Kumar walks up and insults him.
Pete isn’t in the mood for this nonsense and asks Reyansh to leave the store.
(A/N: Reynash has the Mean and Hot-Headed traits. Not a good combination!)

That’s gross!

Pete wishes he had a way to cure the strays of their various ailments.

Uh oh! The guy with the poufy man bun is a kleptomaniac.

Pete keeps an eye on him and when the time is right, closes the deal.
It succeeds and Pete is feeling pretty pleased with himself!
(A/N: This is the first time this action succeeded. I guess the trick might be to wait until the blue bar is almost maxed because 2/3 didn’t do it for Pete. I like how they leave the store after making a purchase so I won’t have to worry about him swiping anything.)

It’s around 2:30 or 3 pm before Pete realizes he didn’t add another item for sale. Oops! Within minutes of doing so, three customers and a loiterer flock to it.

He’s pleased to see one do more than merely window shop.
(A/N: This set of pictures is very popular! Three customers and a loiterer crowded around it!)

Instead of restocking and staying open later, Pete closes for the day.

Sales Breakdown
1 Bag of Cat Food
1 Food Bowl
1 Litter Box
1 Neon Sign
1 Small Pet Bed
1 Large Pet Bed
1 Scratching Post
1 Cat Tree DeBox
1 Toybox

Price Markup: 5%

Pete restocks the store and … fixes the toilet that a customer broke.

This leaves him with time to meet Karina at The Shrieking Llama.
She’s not wanting to go on a date but they can at least have some fun together.
(A/N: The first picture shows him asking her to go on a date after they did a few romantic interactions. It became a socially awkward moment so I think her Loner trait might have something to do with it. Maybe. shrugs)

She’s receptive to getting a rose and a few minutes later, gives Pete one along with a message that gives him hope about the two of them becoming more than good friends.

It’s getting late so Pete brings their non-date to a close before heading home.

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8 thoughts on “Pete: Day 13

  1. Lusie Dageraad

    I’m surprised it so busy at the store when the weather is so bad. How sweet Ekram and Eleanore are exchanging flowers. Ew, that is gross indeed. But not let that distract you, you need to keep an eye on the klepto! Even though it is not a date, i like that he went out with Karina. I think she might like to be more than just friends though 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading, Lu!

      The foul weather brings them in but most aren’t there to shop. Pete has been able to get one or two to buy over time but he usually focuses on the customers.

      There appears to be a klepto a day now. I’m surprised stuff isn’t missing.

      You could be right about Karina 😉


  2. They are loving Pete’s dry store Addy! Best place to be in a rain storm! Reyansh Kumar kinda wish the dogs had bitten him! Good spot on the kleptomaniac Addy, Pete watch your stuff! Man I was hoping him and Karina would get together!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a great place to wait out the storm but Pete & I wish they would buy things to show their appreciation!

      Having the observant reward trait makes it easy to see who is a klepto and who isn’t. VERY helpful!

      I was hoping they would too but Karina turned him down both times he asked for their outing to become a date so he didn’t dare try again.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lourdes Cabrera

    Love day really does affect Sims in a variety of ways, you have Ekram and Elenore giving each other flower and then you have that jerk, Reyansh being offensive to Pete for no reason.. That scene with kitties was yucky.. At least the day ended well with Pete getting to know Karina better and even getting a very loving gift from her.. I see romance is in the air!! Great chapter!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU for reading & commenting! ❤
      Yes, love is in the air and it’s nice to see. Pete tried asking Karina on a date twice and both times failed so I had him stop attempting and just enjoy the time he had with her.

      Liked by 1 person

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