House 02: Day 32

Day 32: Wednesday

Now that the girls are a little older, the family looks forward to celebrating this holiday.

The day starts off with Ghost Whiskers haunting the television.

Marc decides to help Ainsley with her school project instead of reading before bed. Aicha and Ghost Whiskers join them for the companionship.

A little later…
Everybody is in bed except for Ainsley.

At first, you’d think it’s because of the excitement of the holiday but it turns out poor Ainsley is feeling feverish.

She decides to surprise Aimee by helping with her school project but after a few minutes has to go lay down.

Aimee wakes and leaves the family a nice note on the bulletin board.

Marc places presents for everyone in the pile.

Ainsley is fighting off a cold. Thank goodness it isn’t anything worse!

The morning passes with everybody doing their own thing while waiting for Marc to finish making their holiday meal.

As soon as the meal is ready, Marc hugs his brother.
“Glad you could make it, man!”

“Let’s eat!”

They sing and share the holiday spirit during the meal.

Ugh! What a mess!

His girls find things to do while Marc finishes fixing the toilet.

The plan is to open presents when he’s done.

Or not.
Something happens that causes them to forget about the pile of presents.

Marc tries pleading with the Grim Reaper but isn’t successful.

He then crawls under the covers for a good cry and is there when his wife is taken.

Aimee is inconsolable but Ainsley marches up to the Reaper and starts asking questions.

The girls take a page from Marc’s book and crawl into bed. Calling Blarffy names doesn’t help Aimee feel any better but at least it will prevent her from lashing out at someone else.

She then steps outside and meets Damien Sheffield. He has a nice smile.

Father Winter (Henry Pierre) arrives and adds a number of presents to the pile.

He then takes time to give Marc a special present.

Marc asks for advice on how to make Winterfest and other upcoming holidays better for his two girls. Whatever he gets told is a comfort and he hugs the jolly old guy.
(A/N: It’s weird seeing an elder Sim with grey hair and a not grey beard!)

The day draws to an end and everyone heads to bed.

Father Winter helps himself to a sweet treat before taking his leave.

Some kind Sims must have known angels are needed to look over this house today!

Marc made a vegetarian holiday meal and bought a couple of extra dining chairs. There is a Rebate Day next week so he’s saving to get more for his simoleons then.

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8 thoughts on “House 02: Day 32

    1. Thanks for reading, Bree! ♥
      I know!! I was hoping it wouldn’t be ON the holiday itself but my game had other plans.

      It was a nice gift and the girls seem to grab it more than Marc, hee hee

      I wish facial hair matched better with hair on elder Sims.

      I agree, the snow angels are fun to look at!

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