House 02: Day 27

(A/N: Found a folder with partially edited screenshots & decided to continue using the same border for the rest of this chapter. It’s funny to think that back in August 2019, I was drawn to this style and now months later … find myself not caring for it.)

Day 27: Friday

Aimee is upset and wants her Mommy.

Aicha takes her daughter downstairs and then heads back to bed. Aimee enjoys her newfound freedom and explores the piles of snow outside their sliding glass doors.

Afterward, she decides to clean her hands.

Aicha chats with Marc while he makes some improvements to the bathroom sink and then cleans up a mess neither of them made.

There always seems to be something needing fixing or cleaning when one owns a house.

“Ainsley! Your mom just mopped the floors. Time out, young lady.”

Today is a special day so Marc makes a cake and invites his brother over to join them.

Trying to get pictures of the two girls in their party dresses is like herding cats.

Marc manages and the photo wall looks great!

Now it’s time for what everybody has been waiting for … cake! LOL
Not yet, Mike! We have a couple of birthdays to celebrate.

First up is Aimee. Happy Birthday, Aimee!

Next is Ainsley. Happy Birthday, Ainsley!

It’s getting late so we’ll call it a day.

Marc and Aicha bought a few things for the girls’ bedrooms & sold the toddler stuff.

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6 thoughts on “House 02: Day 27

  1. Lusie Dageraad

    lol at the cleaning her hands. Cute.
    I love their photo wall. Happy birthday to the twins! Both girls look pretty. Interesting traits. Erratic can be fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading, Lu! ♥
      I laughed but also went eww when she did that. I started doing photo walls in Sims 3 and can’t imagine not having one now! Thanks … I think they’re cute, too. Daisy was erratic but since we started the challenge as YA, it will be fun watching an erratic child & teen go through the motions too.


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