House 02: Day 26

(A/N: Found this chapter when I went to see where I left off at and have no idea why I didn’t share it with y’all at the time. Better late than never, lol)

Day 26: Thursday

TODAY is TV Season Premiere Day.

Marc brushes Whiskers while Aimee and Ainsley watch.

Marc begins a flash card game with Ainsley so neither notice the floating dollhouse like Aimee does.

Aimee and Ghost Whiskers soon tire and seek out comfy sleeping spots.

As soon as the game ends, Ainsley heads upstairs to wake mommy but their paths cross as she heads downstairs to check on Aimee. Marc collects Ainsley so he can read her to sleep and hopes to do the same for Aimee but Aicha tucks her in before he has a chance to.

Marc achieves L8 in the Parenting skill.

Thank goodness Aicha was in the bathroom before she speaks her mind.

Addy’s Note: If you would stop drinking coffee and just head to bed, you’d feel a whole lot better!

That must have done the trick because she came out and played with Aimee before stepping outside to shovel snow.

Or not. Aicha comes back inside and complains about the weather.

Marc cleans up the mess after gently but firmly scolding his daughter.

While he’s doing that, Aicha heads back out to make a snow angel and chat with the mail carrier.

A short while later, Marc heads off to work.

Aicha goes back inside to warm up and soon afterward, has to calm Ainsley who’s upset at daddy being gone.

Ainsley’s tears woke Aimee who ran to her parent’s bathroom and had a tantrum but that didn’t make her feel any better so she took out her frustrations on the dollhouse.

That in turn upsets Aicha.

She tried putting the girls to bed but sadness over missing daddy and hunger kept them from sleeping for very long. It was a vicious cycle.

Addy’s Note: I felt so bad! I forgot to have Marc set out food before he left for work. I grew concerned that they wouldn’t eat in a timely manner and risk getting taken away.

Aicha fixes grilled cheese sandwiches and that soon settles the hungry little monsters down.

Marc gets home from work and joins his napping wife.

Fortunately, the girls are happily occupied and give their parents some down time.

Aicha wakes and checks on the girls.
She achieves L6 in Parenting skill because of this.

Marc fixes the broken dollhouse before making dinner.

While fixing dinner, he hears an all too familiar sound behind him.

“Ainsley! That’s enough young lady. I’m not going to keep fixing this if you and your sister won’t take better care of your toys.” Marc scoops her up and reads her a story about a misbehaving cat before tucking her into bed.

It took Marc three tries to finish watching the TV Premiere because the girls kept misbehaving in some manner throughout the evening.

Goodnight, Marc and family. Sleep well.

Marc & Aicha sell the loveseat and buy a couch, rug and TV for the living room. Things are starting to shape up and their house is definitely starting to feel like a home.

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8 thoughts on “House 02: Day 26

  1. Lusie Dageraad

    So great to see another chapter! This family is cute.
    Poor Aicha, Ainsley and Aimee. They sure had a tough day. The kids keep their parents busy with that broken doll house!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Lu! I adore this family. ♥
      I agree, it wasn’t an easy day for them. I think at one point I considered leaving the dollhouse broken but figured they would keep crying about it.


    1. Thanks for reading Inma! ♥
      I think Aicha is fun to watch because of her childish trait. She’s constantly grabbing toys and leaving them in her inventory so I have to hunt them down for the girls have something to play with.


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