House 01: Day 1

Day 1 (Sunday)

Daisy was in shock. She didn’t have much but spent every simoleon buying what she thought was a starter home in a new development.

Conrad Owen Nebber had much to answer for … well, as soon as she can find that conman!

Hearing a vehicle stop behind her, Daisy turned and saw a confused looking sim. Victor Feng, a politician in nearby San Myshuno, was walking the beat to drum up support. Daisy grabbed his arm and explained her situation.

His answer shouldn’t have surprised her, but it did. Daisy was the unfortunate victim of a con. Yes, the property is hers but that’s all there is. “But I spent way more than this plot of land is worth!” Victor apologized but said nothing could be done other than file a police report and hope they catch the crook.

Victor explained about the local economy and how to sell things she collected. “It’s a good way to bring in extra income when you’re between paydays.” This gave Daisy plenty to think about as she ran around learning the layout of the land.

She also came up with what she thinks is a great idea! I’ll get a job at the police department and learn how to find that swindler myself. At the very least, I’ll learn how to protect myself and others from something like this happening again.

Daisy searched the web and submitted her online employment application. Within the hour, she received a phone call interview and was hired at its conclusion.

“Congratulations, Cadet Daisy! Soon you’ll have the know-how on how far the long arm of the law reaches. Swindlers best turn themselves in if they know what’s good for them!”

Daisy got busy hunting for things to sell. Maybe luck will be with her and she’ll find hidden treasure!

A frog … ewww.

It wasn’t long before Daisy got the hang of digging through loosely packed dirt piles. And …

Chipping away at various rocks. And of course her ‘favorite’ … looking for frogs. “One sim’s collectibles is another sim’s cash cushion! Ka-ching!”

Daisy is doing well with collecting things to sell. For the time being, she’s going to keep the frogs for breeding & sell the duplicates. She’s also going to hang onto the upgrade parts in case she needs them before she can afford a computer of her own.

Home sweet home. Daisy has her eye on an outdoor shower that filters water poured into its tank but doesn’t have enough money to purchase it yet. For now, this will do.

When nature calls, a gal does what she has to! Daisy looks forward to the day when she has a roof over her head, electricity AND plumbing.

Daisy met Victor’s wife, Lily, while doing another collection stroll. Lily was angry (possibly about the swindle?) but Daisy was able to calm her down & brighten her day.
Victor’s in politics and Lily’s a business CEO. Daisy appreciates their friendliness and the fact that they don’t look down their noses at her. Maybe she can repay their kindness some day with a nice dinner. Once she has a stove. Dining table. Chairs. sigh Her list of needed items keeps growing!

After a few minutes of polite conversation, Lily says goodbye and continues on her way. Daisy decides to try her hand at fishing since she’s gathered & sold all that she can.

Daisy received a text & after reading the message, wondered if Victor is the reason she got the job without any prior work experience or a university degree. Even if he hadn’t, she still sent a prompt response: “Thank you! I think so too!”

Daisy sold several fish before heading home. Time for a nice ‘dinner’ of yogurt. “One day I’ll have a sink or dishwasher and not have to use these disposable dishes unless I’m having a picnic!” A girl can dream!

The sounds of frogs & other nocturnal critters created a lovely lullaby that soon had Daisy’s Zzzs joining in.

Almost enough to purchase that shower!!

Daisy’s story continues in Day 2

10 thoughts on “House 01: Day 1

  1. Go Daisy, go Daisy. GO GO, Go Daisy!

    This looks like fun!! I’ve done a challenge like this with a friend. We made up our own rules and charts to keep track of everything. So I know you will enjoy yourself doing this. We’ve been talking about doing the challenge again but for Sims 4. Daisy may inspire me!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. onyeka001

    I love the Drifter Challenge – it’s nice that the rules are changed a bit for each house/generation.
    Daisy seems to be doing really well so far – looking forward to seeing how she handles herself on the job 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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