Decker Duo

Hailey Decker headed off to the big city to fulfill her dream of becoming an entertainer but received a phone call that had her returning home. She’s now responsible for raising her younger sister, Madison. Will she relish the role or leave Maddie in the hands of babysitters and daycare? Only time will tell.

Gallery Link: Decker Duo

Hailey Decker

Madison Decker

Hailey did what was needed in order to give Madison the love and attention she required.

Sometimes this meant ignoring chores …

(not to worry, Hailey calmly disciplined Madison regarding this misbehavior!)

It wasn’t long before Madison celebrated her birthday. Madison is off to school and Hailey will return to her job in the entertainment field. What happens next is up to YOU …

Gallery Link: Decker Duo, partially skilled

These blond cuties are a bonus gift for Simming_Spoonie. Her main gift can be found HERE!

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