Costumed Caper: Spring, Day 8

First Round, Spring
Day 8 (Week 2, Sunday)

Liam decides to visit Morgyn Ember, the mixologist he recently met. “What a grand place! Either mixing drinks pays very well or Morgyn has other income or … maybe this place is an inheritance.”

“No artwork or fancy doodads. How disappointing!”

Liam finds Morgyn at the grill and takes the time to say hello. They eat together and Liam does the washing up.

Morgyn reads Lucas Dark while standing behind Liam and Liam must have felt that he should do the same because he follows Morgyn upstairs after picking up the book himself.

“An interesting book and a comfy bed. Life is good!”

They wake and continue their conversation from the night before.

Liam is not sure why Morgyn grills fruit when he already has plenty of leftovers but isn’t going to question his habits when things are shared without complaint.

Liam makes the rounds to see what is good for swiping.
Nothing at the park. “No statues or sculptures, what a shame!”
The gym isn’t much better.

He grabs the sign from the back as a form of mild protest. “Lots of equipment crowded around one TV so waiting around until I can swipe it is not my idea of a fun time.”

He heads over to the Willow Creek library to figure out what he should do next and meets the librarian on duty, Tamati Misipeka.

Upstairs is a lone piece of artwork that Liam removes. “Sims come up here to read and get lost in a book, they don’t need this distraction. LOL”

As soon as Liam returns downstairs, Tamati continues their conversation as if it hadn’t ended earlier.

Liam gets an invite to go visit the lass he briefly met and gladly accepts. “Maybe she’ll live in a grand place that has lot of doodads and thingamajigs!”

It’s an interesting looking building and Jade seems happy he came.

She lives with three others so that might explain the amount of color and variety of objects in the main room.

Seeing the muscles on Marcus definitely explains why there’s workout equipment in what seems to be a party place. “They have a DJ booth and two fancy coffee machines! They must have a lot of late nights.”

Chatting with the flirty Jade and looking at clouds together benefited in more ways than one. He gains a new friend AND his reputation swings back into neutral. Whew!

(A/N: While they looked at clouds, I glanced around Windenburg. This poor fellow really has to go and must travel quite a distance before finding a public restroom through the archway of the second ramp. But my curiosity in where he has to go lead me to discover this CUTE chess area. Look at the landscaped board! Neat idea! I’ve done a smaller, similar floor design in parks before in Sims 3 for chess tables but never thought to use plants as pieces and have tables nearby. Very clever!!)

Liam returns to the library and chats online with Sims he met while waiting for it to clear out. When it does, he quickly grabs the art by the bathrooms before getting back online to continue chatting.

Liam now has two friends and a good friend.

It’s too late to go back to Morgyn’s house since he goes to work at 10PM so Liam grabs a quick nap before nabbing his next and last piece from the library (seen in the next screenshot).


What Liam collected today:
Sign: Fitness Outdoor Sign worth §125
Artwork: Roman Temple Architectural Study worth §375
Artwork: Roman Temple Architectural Study worth §375
Artwork: Antiquated Patent Posters worth §1,455
SUB-TOTAL §2,330
Sold: Hip to the Max Cardboard Dance Floor for §50
TOTAL §2,380

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6 thoughts on “Costumed Caper: Spring, Day 8

    1. Some days are good, some are not. At least he won’t starve and has places to stay.

      I thought the chess area was pretty cool and hope I send other Sims there to play a game at some point.


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