Costumed Caper: Spring, Day 1

Read & greatly enjoyed the first episode of lisabeesims playing the following challenge by JayBird_TheNerd


Hers can be found HERE!

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They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so here I am offering what will hopefully be taken as a compliment.

I love House Rules (just ask my hubby about Monopoly!) so here are the ones I will be following instead of the original.

House Rules
1. A season length of 14 days is the length of each round
2. There will be 4 rounds with a different Sim representing each season
3. Will be using lots in Newcrest since there are plenty of 30×20 & I like the idea of the Sims possibly crossing paths somewhere along the line.

First Round, Spring
Newcrest: Fern Park lot

“What sort of foul magic this be? NO rainbow! NO pot of gold! … GASP! Who STOLE me pot of gold???!!!”

Liam O’Dourke, Leprechaun
Traits: Kleptomaniac, Genius, Dance Machine
Aspiration: Chief of Mischief (Bonus Trait: Dastardly)

Liam’s eyes begin to glisten with tears as he surveys the surrounding area. These are NOT tears of joy! It’s cold, it’s rainy and Liam has nothing to start with.

Desperate times call for desperate measures! Liam heads over to The Shrieking Llama in hopes of finding shelter … Sims to chat up … and if he’s lucky, fun.

“Slim pickings, Liam my boy. Mighty slim pickings.”
Liam chats with Simeon Silversweater and the bartender, Angela Pleasant, hoping to learn their favorite possessions since that is a particular favorite pastime of his.

Things are looking better as more Sims arrive.

Or they were. “Those darn celebrities! Acting all higher and mightier than the rest of us. I wanted one measly little autograph! You would have thought I asked her to for her phone number or something!” **grumble grumble**

Liam leaves and heads over to the library, hoping to learn a little bit more about where he was and what he could do while here. He is making decent progress when SHE walks in. That Judith Ward person. “Again with the twinkles and smiles, as if I would fall for that trap. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me and I don’t care to be shamed!”

Liam “chats” with two of her fans, Geeta Rasoya and Arun Bheeda.
(completes the first tier in the aspiration)

Time to leave the library before he gets kicked out for his mischievous actions.

Liam heads over to the Landgraab home.

“Home? This is no mere home!”

Liam grabs a bowl of animal crackers are he makes himself at home and looks around. He’s like a moth to a flame when it comes to this light. Thankfully, it is now gently wrapped within his pocket of holding.

It takes a while before an upstairs room is free. Apparently, Geoffrey and his family take full advantage of having computers in three different rooms upstairs. The very rooms Liam is most curious about.

Eventually Nancy heads downstairs to watch TV so Liam seizes his chance.

“My, aren’t you a pretty sight for sore eyes? I think I will just grab you for a closer inspection … drat! One day, beautiful artwork, you’ll be mine. I have plans for both of us, big plans!”

“I’m sure they won’t mind my using this one … they have FOUR computers after all!”

“I also don’t think anyone will mind my …”

“Then again, perhaps they do.” **laughs under his breath**
(completes the second tier in the aspiration)

Malcolm and then Nancy joins him upstairs so Liam does what he’s best at …

Apparently Nancy isn’t one for preposterous rumors or conspiracy theories. Malcolm on the other hand … lol

Liam is getting rather tired and decides a nap is just the thing … after SIGH “acquiring” yet another lamp. “This third one really threw the balance off dontcha think?!”

The day ends with Liam having a Disco Nap that isn’t interrupted because he purchased the Always Welcome Reward Trait which will come in quite handy!!

What Liam collected today:
Lamp: The Resplendent worth §165
Lamp: Dodecagon Contemporary Lamp worth §50
Lamp: Dodecagon Contemporary Lamp worth §50
TOTAL §265

~~ ** ~~ Day 2

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